Friday, 17 October 2014

Just Some Pictures

Writing for a living means that I've not been able to think of much for blog posts. Take some pictures for now and call me in the morning. I mean, Monday. Normal service will resume Monday. Sorry about this guys but it's three in the morning as I write this and nothing is really coming to me.

Redneck baby

It's so cute they're trying to fly

The math checks out. 

Look upon it and dawwwww
Oh Canada
I want to know that story
Enjoy your weekend people.


  1. LOL, these are great, Mark! And as a Canadian, just let me say that YES, you should say "thank you" for each door held open. That's how I was brought up!

  2. I like the one with the penguins!

  3. Maybe the penguins are trying to murder the butterfly. I see absolutely no reason to trust any of them.


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