Thursday, 16 October 2014

I Got A Writing Job

After weeks of applying for jobs I can now say that I do indeed have a writing job. I find it pretty funny that I was applying for retail jobs for damn near four years without getting anywhere, while my experience was just growing and growing. The last time I volunteered I asked my boss outright if he'd ever given me a bad reference. I figured maybe that was why I wasn't getting anything. He told me that he'd never given me a reference at all, and that people only ask for a reference when they're considering you.
That was super depressing. I was like "What the fuck am I doing wrong?!"
I'd applied for a lot of jobs on the freelancing site oDesk (which I can recommend if you have any kind of skill. Fang they offer coding/website making work) and gotten some outright rejections, mostly just no responses. I tried editing/proofreading and voice work and never really got anywhere with either. My microphone wasn't very good and it turns out my editing skills weren't as good as I thought they were. Again, boy that was depressing.
Though not as depressed as this poor kitty
I ended up applying for some content writing jobs. I mean, I've posted here on this blog for about three years now. That counts for something right? It turns out that it does because I got not one, but two job offers. One was more permanent work writing 300 word news articles on a continuous basis. The other was writing a series of 1000 word articles as a one off. In the end I chose the continuous work and wrote my first batch of articles yesterday. I'm going to be writing more today and the work should continue on. I'm not sure for how long but for now I'm going to be writing professionally. Which is awesome.

I'm also still going to be writing Immortal Space. I'm almost near the end. Whenever I think there's about 20k words left I write about 5k words and realise I'm no closer to the end. 


  1. Hey, congrats! Glad to hear that your dedication and reliability in writing your blog paid off and helped you get a job!

  2. Congratulations!
    I've often thought it would be great to get paid to do the crap I do on Blogger. Unfortunately, it's never happened.
    Probably because it IS crap.

  3. Sounds great, congrats man! If it gets published online, be sure to give us a link or two so we can check it out.
    Also, thanks, I've added it to my continuously growing list of freelancing websites. Not sure if it's something I'll ever get into, but always good to have resources available.

  4. Congrats Mark! What great news!

  5. cool on the writing job....just dont lose the passion for writing...content writing is much different though...i am sure you will be great at it...


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