Friday, 10 October 2014

I Didn't Even Notice The Tornado

My little town made the news yesterday because holy shit a tornado hit us. By "us" I mean a few houses down the street because it didn't touch my house at all. To be honest the total number of houses damaged is low. It's literally three. Three. Oh wow however did I survive the giant whirling cone of death?
I can't handle the amount of damage. 
That picture is the epitome of the damage. I went down the street earlier and it's already all cleaned up. The street is a little cut off but that's it. That's the only house that really has any damage too. It's kind of funny to see people freaking out so much when I'm just like "Dude, it took out one roof and maybe a tree." You might think I'm being insensitive because there are people whose lives are destroyed by tornadoes. It's because of those people I'm being like this. It sucks when people lose their homes and there's a good chance the person who owns that house might lose it. That would be a tragic shame. But this was hardly a cone of death. Save your freak outs for really bad tornadoes.
Now THIS is a tornado. I'd be worried if THIS knocked on my door. 
Speaking of knocking on my door; that's all I noticed. I sat through it all without even realising it was happening. There was a really bad thunderstorm and I heard a very loud bang but I figured my door opened on it's own and shut on it's own because of the wind. Just down the road during that loud crash a carrot of wind was buffeting a rooftop. Even my dad didn't notice anything. I didn't notice an earthquake a few years ago and this time I didn't notice something cool like a tornado.


Have you ever missed a natural disaster and been surprised to hear something hit your neighbourhood? 


  1. I"m glad you didn't have any damage to your house. I've been through several tornadoes. Some rough, some not. Either way, it's still nerve wracking when they're over head!

  2. I didn't even know you could get tornados in England. Shows what I know.

  3. glad you were spared this time!

  4. Ya didn't get killed, AND had something interesting to blog about. WIN WIN!!

  5. Tornado you say now didn't notice one oh yeah we don't get them here in my part of the world.....................and I am glad you are ok after suffering from one they can be so dangerous

  6. When I lived in Iceland, I once slept through an earthquake.
    England has tornadoes?????


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