Friday, 24 October 2014


I saw this a few days ago but didn't really get the chance to post about it until today. Those of us who grew up watching Back To The Future (2 is where they were) there was only one thing you really wanted from that movie to end up being true. Outside of the DeLorean time machine of course.

I love this car.
That is of course the majestic hoverboard. Which was freaking awesome. We've been clamouring for that piece of tech for quite a long time now. We even used Back to The Future to estimate when they would arrive. They were supposed to be developed a year after the movie was set though, because Marty McFly invented the skateboard a year early. Well anyway, the fancy bastards at Kickstarter have done it again. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Hendo Hoverboard.
The Kickstarter page has all the details, including a video of the board in action. Unfortunately all the actual hoverboards have already sold out, but they were $10k each so I wasn't likely to get one anyway. No I'm afraid I'll have to wait a few years for the technology to become cheaper. One of the rewards is a go on one at least. But think of the possibilities: One of the things they offer is a hover kit, so you can make anything hover. Not only are we now getting hoverboards, but we're even closer to floating, and eventually flying, cars.

That's pretty damn cool.

What would you make hover? A board, a car, or something else? 


  1. Yep, I remember how bad I wanted one of those things. At my age there isn't much need for one now though. But I'll still take flying cars or a teleportation device.

  2. I'd rather have one of those self-driving cars. I think they are a bit closer to being available someday soon.

  3. They only work on magnetically conductive surfaces though, so it isn't anything super new. Not too hyped for it for that very reason. We already got things that can hover on more surfaces (hoverboats can go on water, dirt, other more or less flat surfaces) and making your own air-powered hoverboard is actually feasible.
    So, hurray for consumer-aimed technology, but it could've been better.

  4. To think Marty McFly would have been an utter and replete failure if Michael Fox had not gone back in the time machine and beat up that bully. Or did Marty actually beat him up? Well, it all worked out for the greater good because now we have hoover boards.

  5. Hoverboards, schmoverboards.
    I'm waiting for the sex robots.

  6. The movie's a classic, my husband has watched it so many times

  7. Yes news of this was on our evening news report last week, movies dream something up people make it real


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