Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ebola In The USA

I know I'm not much for talking about topical things, and I accept that's a bit of a shame. If I talked about current events I'd almost always have something worth talking about. I don't know if my opinions on the way the world is really affect anyone anyway. Right now though this is more of a public service announcement than anything else.
If you're from the US then no doubt you've heard that Ebola has claimed at least one person down in Dallas, Texas. Now when things like this happen people tend to freak out and I'm here to tell you not to do that. Don't think you have Ebola or anything unless you meet the following criteria;
If you think you do fit that criteria then of course get yourself checked out. But make sure that you're sure. There's going to be a lot of people freaking out and there needs to be a lot of people keeping their calm and keeping their cool.

The U.S is going to take this shit seriously, especially when it's their own people at risk. A health worker with Ebola was brought back here to the U.K and nothing went wrong. He even made a full recovery. People need to calm down and stay rational. I may regret these words in a few months but for now I'm saying that I'm not that worried. Americans need to think of this as just another chance for them to save the world AGAIN by curing Ebola. Go for it my American brothers and sisters! Kick it in it's freedom hating, commie loving, viral ass.

Stay safe folks and remember; it's not the apocalypse.


  1. Very true. The last thing anyone needs is mass hysteria about this.

  2. Leave it to the sensationalist news outlets to shake everyone up and get them to obsess over something you don't just contract as easily as they want you to think. Of course, you need to stay careful out there, but that's pretty much your daily rule #1.

  3. we do have to stay calm. That dog word search, does diagonal count?

  4. I am not sweating yet... Is profuse sweating one of the symptoms?


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