Friday, 19 September 2014

Writing Contests

I don't know how many people remember this but one of my favourite stories that I've done, Tulips, originally started life as an entry in a writing contest. It was the Lascuax flash fiction contest and the way it worked is that there was a picture prompt and you had to base your story off of that, and it had to be flash fiction too if I remember rightly. The original version of Tulips was mostly the crash scene and some of the stuff that came after.

Of course you can buy Tulips yourself from Amazon! Now in paperback format.
There's one problem I have with writing contests though. Well actually there's a couple with some things that really stand out. The main one, other than there being so many it's hard to pick one or two, is entrance fees. The ones you have to pay to enter have more of a prize fund but I'm a poor bastard. For the next month or so I'm going to have literally no income outside of book sales. So go buy those books! Even if I did have money I'm not really much of a gambler and I'm very conservative about my money. I wouldn't be likely to pay an entrance fee at all even if I had the money spare.
I need more of them. Preach it mister Sloth. 
The other is that I'm not really much of an absolute idea machine. I can and sometimes will just get random bursts of inspiration. I'm not the kinda guy who can sit down and say to myself "What should I write about?" and then be filled with ideas. It doesn't help that I'm supposed to be working on a novel too. I still have no real idea how I was able to write a collection of short stories one after the other, and then release those separate stories. Actually the main reason I stopped writing and publishing those short stories is also because I couldn't really think of any more ideas. I have a few ideas jotted down but I'd rather finish Immortal Space before I really tried to run with them.

Having said all that I did actually enter a competition yesterday. I submitted that piece I wrote called The Bullet. I've subsequently taken it down from my writing blog. If I don't hear back from them in 90 days I'll put it back up. There was another one, complete with a theme I could work with, but it turned out I couldn't actually work with it which kinda sucked for me. The story I had to write was one about martyrdom, with the main character attempting to attain perfection through becoming a martyr. I don't think I'd be able to really do that. So let's see where this goes, and keep writing Immortal Space and other things in the meantime.

Have you ever entered a contest? Did you win? 


  1. Good for you entering, too bad about entrance fees for some of them. I won a DVD player and also a big screen TV over the years...I wouldn't say I'm lucky but I can't say I never won anything! It must be a lot about being in the right place at the right time.

  2. I entered the Billboard Songwriting Contest some moons ago and got honorable mention. I didn't enter again because of the entrance fees and the cost of making demos.


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