Friday, 12 September 2014

This Is Not Okay

I was looking for a picture of an English flag for reasons. Reasons I've actually forgotten now I think about them. I went to Google Images and I found this;

The big red, white and blue flag you see there isn't the English flag at all. That's the Union Jack. It's the flag of Great Britain. For those of you who don't know I will now explain the difference between the UK and Great Britain. The UK is technically the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Great Britain is the big bit on the left where England, Scotland and Wales are. The UK is essentially the British Isles. To be honest I could almost forgive that, and then I saw something that really made me lose my shit.


It's a grammatical catastrophe AND an incorrect use of the Union Jack. Yes this actually annoys me. But don't worry, I'll forgive you if you weren't aware of the difference. Consider yourself educated. Plus if Scotland does get independence next week the Union Jack might cease to exist anyway, thus eliminating the problem.

Were you aware of the difference between the English flag and the Union Jack?


  1. Yes, as a Canadian who likes history I knew the difference between the flag of England and the Union Jack. But you can't blame Murricans for not knowing. They don't even know their own history, let alone someone else's.

  2. ^^ It's true, I don't know crap about history. Our school system was a joke. To me, Union Jack sounds like the old hobo down at the bus station that everybody knows but doesn't want to acknowledge.

    "You hear that guy screaming down there about the end of the world?"
    "Yeah, that's just Union Jack, don't mind him."

  3. Ok I didn't know this but found this interesting


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