Monday, 15 September 2014

That Was A Productive Week

Even though last week I admittedly played a lot of video games, I also ended up doing quite a lot of productive stuff which was pretty good. Especially for me. I tend to sometimes get stuck being unproductive. If you've ever found yourself being inactive then you know it can be very difficult to get out of that slump and kick yourself into gear.
Sometimes I thoroughly believe it to be a disease
One of the ways in which I was productive (jeez that makes this sound like a high school essay) is that I managed to get a lot of exercise. I had a lot to do over the week though which contributed. I'm one of those people that has a hard time going on a walk for the sake of exercise. But this week I had to make about four trips into town which meant four long walks and, in terms of calorie loss, pretty much a whole day wiped clean.
Given the week I was on holiday I needed a week like that.
I also managed to do quite a bit of writing which was pretty awesome. I got two or three sessions of writing done which was a good 3k words or so. If I was able to write as much as I did way back when then I'd have an incredible output. I can only dream of 6k words a week at this point. But progress is progress. As long as I get there eventually it'll all be good. Probably. Shit's happening though yo. I capped my week off by writing this post.

When was the last time you had a super productive week? Or a week of complete inactivity? 


  1. Mark it sounds like you had a pretty productive week sir! Have a great Monday.

  2. I have my ups and downs constantly in this area.

  3. I'd rather have 3k of really good words that barely need editing than churning out 6k that'll eventually need a huge overhaul. So cheers not just to your writing, but quality over quantity! Because it sounds like you're taking your time a little more with writing lately, trying to be more focused with it. Which is awesome.

  4. I am usually productive unless I am sick, type A personality I guess. You seem to be a very mature young man, pleased to meet you!

  5. I can't say I've had a week of either one. I'm always in the middle.

  6. Jealous of your productivity, I haven't written that much in like a year.

  7. Sadly, I wasn't terribly productive last week.
    This week ain't looking so hot, either.

  8. I have never had a productive week my entire life. Though I haven't had an inactive week in many years, none of the "work" I do ever leads to anything but being really tired and depressed.


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