Monday, 8 September 2014

So I Was "Hacked"

In the world of celebrity nude photographs and the fappening, let us not forget that regular people are the targets of hackers too. Let us also not forget that in the fappening no actual computers or phones were hacked. What was hacked was the online storage those phones and computers were connected to. Frankly if you store your nude photos online then I have little to no sympathy for you.
That is pretty much everything I have to say about The Fappening
So I gets me an email a couple of days ago telling me that there has been some suspicious activity on my hotmail account. Yes folks I'm the one person in the world who has a hotmail account. I guess, given that I never sign into it, the suspicious activity was that it was signed into at all. I connect my gmail account to my hotmail account and access everything from there you see. So I never bother logging into the hotmail one much anymore.
If this got hacked I'd be fucked.
I logged on to my account and saw that indeed, someone other than me had been logging in to it. I poked around and also saw that they hadn't sent any emails in my name. Unless they cleared the sent box. There also wasn't any new email or anything. They hadn't even opened up any of my old emails. They must have been the most boring hacker ever. Unless they immediately marked everything as unread to cover their tracks. Remember folks; a paranoid person is just someone who has all the facts but no proof.
Sometimes they really are.
Thankfully the only thing I have hooked up to my hotmail account is actually my Facebook account. There might be a few other things but I don't remember them. Therefore I clearly don't care about them. There hasn't been any activity on my Facebook account either so they really must have been the most boring hacker ever. I changed the passwords on both my hotmail account and my Facebook account, to be safe, and it seems like everything is back to normal and frankly; nothing happened.

Not that I'm complaining.

Have you ever had a run in with a hacker?


  1. Hey there are TWO people that use Hotmail :) I do too lol.

  2. I still have a Hotmail account too. Its only real purpose is to be connected to my Facebook, like yours, and I'm too lazy to change it... but... it still counts.

  3. Dude, I actively use my address.
    They don't need to go through your or whatever interface to do stuff with your account though. If they got the password they can send legit-looking emails under your address from pretty much anywhere. Yes, that includes scripts that send a thousand mails a second.
    Good job on changing those passwords!

  4. Yeah my Hotmail got hacked years ago.

    Not like I used it anymore. Oh well.

  5. Well, I doubt those celebrities had a clue they were storing their pictures online. But they know now, huh. Glad your hacker was boring and didn't cause you any major grief.

  6. I still have an Hotmail account but of course I don't use it except if I have to give an email address to someone I don't want to have it than I give the hotmail one and yes I have had it hacked in the past


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