Thursday, 4 September 2014

Learning From The Best

It was only after I wrote it that I realised that Monday's post would most likely not get much reading, because Monday was Labour Day (I refuse to spell it that way, sorry guys) for the Americans. Yay America. I'm not actually sure what Labour Day is really about but that's neither here nor there.
This is what I think of when I think of "Labour". Well childbirth too but it wouldn't be right to post a picture of that.
This is about something I did on holiday and has nothing to do with that other holiday. I took a number of things with me for me to do during the down time, and there was plenty of it. I watched an entire TV series, half of another, and did a fair amount of reading too. I read a book and also read that story that I consider to be my best work. You know the one; that piece of fanfiction I wrote that I refuse to give the link to because of it's origins.
It's somewhere here.
It's still an amazing story if I'm honest. I found myself laughing and feeling the feels like I was a reader. I had trouble reading some of the more emotional bits because I knew they were coming and, honest to God, the ending still made me cry. ME. THE WRITER. But having said all of that there were three things I could take away from having read it again;

1. I write some excellent villains. Sure I borrowed another character but hey I made them my own.
2. Speaking of characters, I make pretty good characters too. There were a couple that were my original creation.

Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from it though, was this;
3. I can do better

Now of course comes the difficult task of actually doing it.
As I was reading through it I saw parts where I told myself how it could be improved. I showed myself that I had become better than what I considered my best. It was almost liberating in a way. Nah, screw that, it was pretty liberating. If there's something you have that you feel is the best you've done, then it's pretty great to look back over it and tell yourself it could be better. More than that; tell yourself how it could be better. Acknowledge your growth, and see it in action. I can do better. I know that now.

Now, as I said, I just have to do it.

Have you ever looked at what you consider to be your best work again and found it lacking?


  1. i am not sure what labour day is either...but i took it...ha...
    yeah, i think it is good to look back and crit yourself
    you are ever evolving and getting better...there are ones i
    hold up and say this was a high point...

  2. Well I can tell you what labour day isn't, it isn't a day for all the labour pollies to have a party, oh yeah you don't have a labour party in your country oh well it is also not a day to celebrate all those doing hard labour in our gaols..................ok I will tell you what it is it is the day that the 8 hour work day was brought in if I remember rightly


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