Monday, 1 September 2014

And I'm Back

Yes folks I am indeed back! Did you miss me? I can say I missed you. Huh, I actually mean that. Well that makes me sound a little callous doesn't it? I suppose the reason I've never stopped is the companionship. Anyway, I'm back from holiday. A little worse for wear if I'm honest. It's probably going to take me a few days to recover, but it's a few days I can't afford to waste. Gotta get back up and at it and be on my feet.

Farrrr too many of these lately
I wasn't eating too well and that's one reason I'm a little worse for wear. It's been so long since I had so much fatty food that it really did a number on my stomach. I'll be fine though. I'm a lean mean weight loss machine after all. I've got four weeks to work all that off and I'm sure I can do it. Just to be safe maybe I should go to the gym and weigh myself to check the damage. Nah I'll just depress myself too much.
My home for the past week
That bed was pretty cool. I love a good fold out sofa bed. It's the third best invention after pizza and sliced bread. Or was it pizza third? Oh I can't remember. Unfortunately we only realised that it was a fold out bed on the second day. I had a really rough night's sleep that first time. See the website said that it wasn't a sofa bed so we never bothered to check. The bed was soft but I still had some sleeping problems which is another reason I'm in rough condition. I had way too many energy drinks and way too much sugar to keep myself going. I'm already feeling better though. Just gotta make sure I exercise and not eat so much sugary stuff. Best of all, my cats are alive and well, which is great news. Next year I really need to find a cattery or a place that let's me take them. Well I'll let you go for now. I had a few adventures but I guess they'll have to wait for another time.

Have you had a vacation this year? 


  1. Isn't it funny how we go on vacation to relax but always come back feeling like we need time to recover... from the vacation? I'm the same way with vacation junk food; I don't eat junk food a lot normally, so when I gorge myself I come back feeling sick and like I never want to eat again. Welcome back!

  2. >"click here for full resolution" on the meal image
    Hotlinking is not cool man. Whenever someone loads that image, the server it resides on pays the bandwidth toll, essentially costing the server's owner money. Download it, upload to imgur (or wherever) and embed from there.

    Energy drinks are one of the worst things you can take if you're aiming for a healthy diet. Caffeine should never be *necessary* to get through your day. Caffeine addiction is a real thing, since it's a real drug just like anything else. Be careful.

  3. After a few days of good food, good sleep and exercise you'll fell right as rain. Glad you did have some fun!

  4. ah. got to get back into the swing of things...those energy have to be careful with them....they may give you a quick shot but....welcome back

  5. Well, one way or another, I hope that you get a little a bit better sleep. I am going to agree with Fang regarding the energy drinks though...I'm sad to say that I've literally seen someone almost die from drinking them regularly.

  6. Welcome back Mark. And yes we did miss you. That cheeseburger looks awesome.

  7. ::washes caffeine pills down my throat with a Red Bull while bathing in coffee:: Take that, Mr. Fang.

  8. A good sofa bed is great a bad sofa bed not so great, just saying not that I have slept much on sofa beds but still not important what is important is you're back you have been missed.............

  9. Ya know, that's funny. When I saw that you visited my place, I remarked to myself, "Huh, haven't see Mark in a while."
    So, yeah, I missed you.
    Welcome back.


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