Friday, 8 August 2014

Well That Was A Strange Day

I actually did something a few days ago. Things actually happened too. It's funny how that works. You go on forever thinking that nothing ever happens and most of the time it's because you're not really doing anything. At least, that's what it seems to me. Stuff happens if you actually do....well, stuff.
Or don't keep calm. I won't tell you what to do.
But back to my day. So I woke up on Monday and I felt pretty good. I had the giveaway going on, I actually ate breakfast for once, and I said to myself "You know what? I'm going to go to the gym." and so I packed up my bags and I walked to the gym. Walking to the gym is a great warm up. It was one of the secrets of my success. I would get picked up on the way back but that's because I was half dead and exhausted by the time I was done, and boy was I.
On the way to the gym I saw an ambulance turn on it's siren and speed off. That alone is pretty cool if you've never seen. Especially when it's in a traffic jam and all the other cars are like "oh shit we gotta get out of the way". Then I saw an old man who nearly needed an ambulance as he ran out into the road when the traffic calmed down instead of waiting for the traffic light, little realising that the reason the traffic was calm was because the light was changing and the car he just ran in front of got the green light to go. Luckily for him the driver was a decent guy. Then while at the gym I saw the one thing every guy who goes to a gym doesn't like to see; old man penis. Don't worry I won't put a picture of that up. We're SFW here at The Rambling Person. I saw two naked old men. I think the gym was just making it up to me because I hadn't been there in a while. One the way back I saw someone else run in front of a car. This time it was a woman who had not one, but two kids with her in a buggy. Classy move lady. It's worse because it was my dad's car she ran in front of and he didn't see her because he was turning into a corner. Luckily I saw her move and told him to stop.


Strange, strange day.

You ever had a day that made you wonder what was happening to people? Also, if you're a girl, and you go to the gym, do you get the reverse of what happens to guys and you occasionally see a naked old woman? I'm just curious if the same thing happens to women. Thank God for private showers. 

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  1. "ate breakfast for once"
    Breakfast's a super important meal man. You know that. Go add it to your daily to-do list, don't forget.

    Good job on going to the gym! Judging from your exhaustion, it went pretty well. Were the penii good enough a reward? ;D

  2. They have private showers at the gyms in your country? Western Europe is an advanced civilization.

  3. Ok old man penis not a good look not that I have seen old men penis's unless you count Tim but is he old at 53 I think not he thinks he is getting old................anyway let's move on shall we people running in front of cars makes me think of when my brother and the boy who lived next door decided to play chicken in the traffic the other boy got hit by a car......for a long time both boys and my sister who was also there said they were just crossing the road it was only a few weeks ago they admitted they had been playing chicken the accident happened 20 years ago.................


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