Monday, 4 August 2014

I'm Just Giving It Away

Well folks it happened. I signed up with Createspace a few weeks ago now I think, and I got everything set up with them. I had my own proof copy made up and sent out to me, and I finally got it. I looked it over and thought that everything seemed to be in order.
This is the completely redesigned cover
So what am I doing in celebration of this ostentatious occasion? I'm holding a giveaway of course! It's only a very small one because I'm saving a much bigger one for when I finally get Immortal Space published. For those of you wondering, I did finally add more to it. Hopefully that giveaway will occur sometime this year, or at least early next year. For now though I have this giveaway for you. It's for a signed copy of Tulips. There are also only two ways to enter. One is to tweet about the book, and the other is to like it's rather dwindling fan page on Facebook. Each thing will get you five entries, and you can also tweet once a day for another five entries.

#a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please allow for a few weeks for delivery as I have to wait for another copy to arrive before I can sign it and send it out. Check back next week to see if you won! 

And of course if you'd just like to buy a physical copy, you can do it here;


  1. Done!
    I love it when people give me stuff.
    Except for that one time with that girl in Naples.
    Let's not speak of it again.

  2. I was happy to enter, just for kicks! May you get many entries!

  3. I'm not on facebook, that's for people with friends in "real life".. ahh ha ha ha ::cries:: I'll tweet about it, you don't have to bribe me with anything...

  4. woot, not on FB but i can tweet...will be back in a bit to do that...
    i hav a copy of tulips but would be cool to have a signed copy

  5. Who doesn't like a giveaway....................the dead that's who


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