Friday, 25 July 2014

This IS A Real Thing, Honest

After writing about the kind of ridiculousness that is the Kickstarter for the potato salad, I have something else from the wide wide world of crowd funding. At first I wasn't sure if this was real, but then I found the campaign. This is genuine.
This is a hint
There are plenty of simulator games out there. There's a sim for pretty much everything. There's a truck simulator, a demolition simulator, flight and train simulators, and of course, Goat Simulator. I've played a lot of them and actually really enjoyed Goat Simulator. It was good for a laugh and pretty comical. Now there's a new simulation game out there on the market thanks to;

Rock Simulator.
This game is disturbingly fun

That's right folks there's a game where you get to play as a rock. There's no real word yet on what the gameplay will be, but at least the game is going to be fun. So are the rewards if I'm honest. They'll actually send you a rock, which is pretty cool. I might think it's a bit much, but I can still see the humour in it. Plus I'll totally admit that because it's free, I'm most likely going to download it.

What are some of the most ridiculous games you've ever seen? Or just the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen on a crowdfunding site? 


  1. >it actually got funded
    Well fuck this shit, I'm out.
    Bury me with my belongings.

  2. Mountain is really weird. It's basically just a mountain that slowly rotates through the sky. You don't interact with it, and occasionally something will happen like a tree will appear on it. The only thing that separates it from this wave of simulator games is that it's billed as some kind of art project. Available on iOS and PC.

  3. That'd be the epitome of cool if you started off as a rock that's tumbled off a cliff into the ocean. You'd be at the mercy of the tide. You'd maybe even encounter other rocks at the bottom of the ocean floor. I'm all for this type of innovation.

  4. I want to be one of the racing death valley rocks. Barometric pressure and tiny breezes will be my greatest challenges.

  5. The most ridiculous games I have ever seen were "Battle of the Network Stars" when Jim J. Bullock almost gave himself a stroke trying to run a relay race. Or maybe that's not what you meant...

  6. I have nothing I just can't think of a single thing to say

  7. Street cleaning Simulator, Woodcutter simulator, and Baking simulator are some of the really funny ones that I have that I intend to gift to friends in the near future.


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