Thursday, 10 July 2014

Internet You've Done It Again

I'm sure you've all heard of Kickstarter by now. It's that wonderful little website that allows unsigned artists and unpublished authors to make their dreams come true. They have projects for video games, board games, comics, anything really. I even funded one for custom made coins. Anything you can think of can be found there. Someone really pushed the boundaries of "anything you can think of" and there's now a Kickstarter for....potato salad.

Potato salad
Bet you didn't see that coming. Potato salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The project, which can be found here, was originally set up for the measly sum of ten dollars. A guy wanted to make potato salad and so asked the internet if they could help fund it. To be honest I didn't realise it was that expensive to make potato salad. You can buy premade potato salad for way less than that. I guess the home made stuff tastes better. Home made can generally taste better.
Kickstarter; generally for good causes (Photo credit: Scott Beale)
What's really hilarious about this, and also kind of sad in a way, is that he has been funded. And funded well. At the time of writing the project had over 4000 dollars and had reached numerous stretch goals. Right now the plan is for him to book a venue and actually hold a pizza party for the people who donated. He's also going to make different kinds of potato salad, and has donators telling him what to put in the potato salad. Things like that really helped make this story. It might have started out as something a little silly, but really it's become pretty cool. A whole pizza party and a lot of fun is going to come out of this. I still feel a little bad for the people who really need the money and don't get it, but I can laugh at this. 

Would you donate money to someone who wanted to make potato salad? Would you do it for a pizza party? I'd do it for a pizza party.


  1. This is actually maddening. It didn't start as a joke, he clearly had the intention of making some quick money off this, as evidenced by the rewards tiers that go way past the $10 funding goal.
    Sure it's fun and hilarious and all, but what the fuck? There's people out there with way more important/ambitious/amazing projects that desperately need funding, but don't even get a measly 10%! And this guy's making the news! All that attention for a fucking potato salad joke that got lucky and struck gold.
    It's... kind of disheartening, really.

  2. Some people are really good at promoting themselves (or maybe this was just dumb luck). Yeah, it's a shame people donate their money to potato salad rather than more worthy causes, but as Randy Hundley once said, "That's the way the crazy game goes."

  3. Kickstarter is fascinating. I enjoy learning about things people have funded.

  4. at this point i am kicking myself for not thinking of that....
    there is def a story to be told in that...wonder what crazy thing people
    would buy into...hmmm....

    i love me some potato salad too....mustard based southern....or german warm potato salad...oh my....


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