Friday, 4 July 2014

Independence Day

I don't expect too many visitors as a lot of my readers are yanks and today is the 4th of July, otherwise known as Independence Day. So instead I'm just going to post a bit of badass music and let you go on with your day. It's called Declaration Day by Iced Earth, and starts with them doing a metal version of The Star Spangled Banner.

Now I DO have a question. Is it really called Independence Day still? I always hear people refer to it as the 4th of July. What are your plans for today? 

Celebrate the freedom of your country by blowing up a small part of it!


  1. Freedom isn't sold by the truckload where I live, so no celebrations for me!

  2. Old joke:
    How many countries have the 4th of July?
    All of them.
    One of my funniest memories was when my ship was in Cannes, France on July 4, 1998. Whilst "Trolling for Rich People" at the local marina, we came across a British national tending his yacht. I wished him a "Happy 4th of July!" Then, I hurriedly added, "No offense!"
    Rather than taking offense, he offered us a beer.
    See? We've all let bygones be bygones.

  3. It is correct to call it Independence Day, but nobody ever calls it that though. We all call it the 4th of July. And how am I spending it? I have to work for the most evil corporation on earth...

  4. nice...great opening is independence day...though often referred to as july 4th...spend much of it at the pool getting charred...ha...last night was a big music festival and fireworks...tonight...i dunno...most places did fireworks last night...

  5. Well, happy 4th of July to you!
    I hope you managed to see the fireworks display. Because if I were you, I would definitely have been out and about in search of some firework show.

  6. Hope your 4th was all you wanted it to be, since I am Aussie I don't celebrate the 4th that said I would love to set of fireworks or to see fireworks just saying

  7. Love that Simpson clip! LOL!!

    Take care


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