Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm Being Considered

So on Monday I mentioned that I had some potentially good or bad news, and hoped to learn more by today. Well I have an update on that particular story for you; There is currently no update. I'm also waiting on another piece of news that I should be able to share with you tomorrow as I'm guaranteed to have an answer in 24 hours or less.
...Well, hopefully.
I'm still going to tell you what the news was supposed to be though. As you might recall I've enjoyed doing parts in amateur plays online recently. I've got to email those folks actually and ask them if the project is finished yet. One downside of being the first to turn in all your lines is that you also wait the longest for the finished product. I've also been applying for different VA jobs on the freelancing sites that I would apply for writing jobs on. Technically I had more success with writing because I was published with one of those jobs, but we'll see how things go.
Not quite the freelancing I was doing but I have played this game and recommend it.
I applied for about four or five different VA jobs, one of which closed and one of which I did indeed hear back from. It was a job narrating stories for audiobooks. I heard back from them and they told me that they were considering me for reading children's books. At first I was surprised someone would expose me to children because I'm a horrible influence (and not because legally they can't, I want stress that) but then I remembered that I wouldn't actually be talking to children directly. That's good for all involved. They sent me an excerpt to read and send back to them. Funnily enough the excerpt was from Alice in Wonderland.
Alice has enjoyed her share of not quite so "kid friendly" moments.
I recorded it, cleaned it up a little, and sent it off to them. I had hoped to hear from them by now, as I said, but I haven't heard back yet. When I do I'll be sure to let you know. Of course there's always the chance I'll never hear back and they won't even grace me with a "sorry but you're not what we're looking for" message. Which would suck. I'd make some joke about Alice sucking but I think I've tarnished her reputation enough for one day. It's a very enjoyable story. It's just some people get confused by the words "rabbit hole".


  1. Sounds pretty promising! Can't wait to see you post about the good news. Is this a career in the making?

  2. Sounds like a pretty sweet way to earn some dough if you can pull it off...

  3. oo would do well narrating the audiobooks based on your own readings....
    about to get a freelance job as well...writing a serial story for a lawyers website....

  4. Sounds like you're starting to get a fair bit of voice acting work. You're turning into the new Nolan North!

    Incidentally, Freelancer is a great game.

  5. That sounds like it's be a fun job to have. Stress free, too! Hope to hear some good news come tomorrow!


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