Thursday, 3 July 2014

I Saw A Stray

As you know I have two wonderful cats that I adore very much. Only one of them really likes me back though. The one I feed oddly enough. People can tell me that cats only love you because you feed them but really I feel that applies to kids to. For the first few years of a child's life it isn't actually aware of any perspective but it's own. Anyway, this isn't about kids it's about kitties.
My cats staring at eachother "lovingly" through the window.
I was sitting in my bed on Sunday because one of my cats had stolen my chair. They'd already left but I was comfortable on my bed. That's when I saw a cat enter my room. I wasn't too surprised because, hey, I have two cats. That's when it really hit me and I thought to myself "That kind of looks like Girlcat, but, no, that's different. Oh sweet it's a stray!" I tried to coax it over to me but the poor thing got spooked and ran off. I think I was a little too excited for it.
I was only able to get one picture of it
Later on in the night I was just sat in my room, again, and relaxing with Girlcat. That's when I saw it again. The cat snuck back into my room (which I have to add is on the second floor. The cat walked in the house, looked around, came up the stairs, and into my room) and poked around again. It was a little braver this time, and hid behind my chair. That's when I took the picture up there. I thought this time it would go better and I'd be able to coax it over. That's when Girlcat jumped out of my arms and chased it off. 

I haven't seen the cat since but I'd love it if it came back. If you have a stray that comes into your house, then you have a cat. It's as simple as that. It'd be an easy way to get a third cat. 

Has a stray cat ever wandered into your home? What did you do?


  1. You forgot a closing parenthesis there.
    Also I'd argue babies really do have a connection to their mother, which I suppose you could call love. You know, since they've been inside of her for like eight months?

    Anyway, that sounds really neat. I feel some cat envy growing inside of me. What is this, that never was an issue, I don't even like like cats. ):
    But please don't turn into some crazy cat dude who has all the strays of the city stay in his house for super fun sleepover parties. (Yes it sounds fun. No it's not healthy.)

    1. I don't know man; Thanks to surrogate parenting and unwanted pregnancies, there are a lot of babies that are born never knowing their biological mother. They grow up without any indication that they're adopted, and they love their parents as much as any child can love a parent. If that wasn't the case then surrogacy probably wouldn't even be a thing. There are women who can give up the thing that lived inside them for nine months. The bonds form when the parent, or whoever, gives the child what they want and need. Thus it is with cats too.

  2. We had one enter our dog only house and 15 years later it's still there!

    1. If you feed it just once it'll never go away.

  3. The way you describe cats... I get enough rejection from humans, don't know if I could take a cat who was not thrilled about me too. Anyhoo, I hope your stray kitty comes back. I bet she will.

  4. I think it is terrible that people get pets and they don't look after them and allow them to become strays it is just wrong.


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