Friday, 18 July 2014

Don't Believe Everything You Read Online

There are plenty of fake news sites out there. The biggest player is of course The Onion. It's hilarious and can be a lot of fun to read. There are others too. There are just two problems with fake/satirical news.

1. Sometimes they make you sad because the stories could be true.
2. Sometimes they make you really, really sad because people actually believe they're true.

Still more believable than Fox News.
One such story to come out recently is that there was human meat found in McDonalds burgers. Now we all know that there's a lot of stuff in those burgers that are presumably made of "beef". One thing they do not contain though is human meat. It comes from the actual true story that came out a while ago about horse meat being in burgers, sausages, and basically everything containing beef. Maybe McDonalds has horse in their meat but they don't have human meat.
He'll probably still kill you though
The story first came from the website It's a website that lets you create fake stories to troll your friends and sometimes things from there get taken seriously. Someone created a fake story on there that Justin Bieber admitted to being bisexual and that made the rounds as a factual story. It wasn't. Justin Bieber likes women and is therefore a lesbian. Respect her choices people.

If you read something and you're not quite sure if it's true, always double check. Insane stuff does come up in the news, but not all of it is true.

Have you ever fallen for a hoax? Or taken part in one? 


  1. Hoaxes are great. It's an easy way to spot the dumb folks. Similarly, it makes it easy to spot what groups of people are most gullible (sometimes this equates to not that smart), like how almost all JB stories with a bit of effort behind them go viral.

  2. The Onion is so hilarious because it presents its stories in such a serious manner. With quotes and everything lol. I love it.

  3. the worst ever was the roach eggs in taco bell meat....that got into someones gums...and then hatched in their mouth....i still fear tacos....

  4. My Facebook friends tend to think The Daily Currant is a reliable news source and not a satirical bunch of nonsense. I always see people posting one of their articles followed my a "WHHAT?!" or "Only in America..."

    Once I notify them that it's a fake news article, they always respond with, "I know, but I could totally picture this happening, which is why I posted it."


  5. This is right up there with people thinking that Steven Spielberg actually hunted and killed a triceratops because he once posed with one of the models from Jurassic Park in a picture. In case you haven't seen it...

    Steven Spielberg - dinosaur killer

  6. Well I am not a believer of stuff I read online but I am a big skeptic just staying, unless I am being told that there are little green men and women on Mars or is that there are little green men and women who ate too many Mars Bars..................


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