Monday, 7 July 2014

By Jovi

I don't know if I really look like one, but I'm quite the Bon Jovi fan. I was walking through town recently when I saw a sign for a Bon Jovi tribute band playing at my local sportsball grounds. I say "grounds" and not "stadium" because it's so low brow they don't even have seats. Anyway, Ben Jovi (yes that's the actual name) was in town and I missed them. As I kept walking home though my imaginative mind kicked in and I just randomly came up with a story integrating Bon Jovi titles. This isn't THAT story, but it is A story composed using Bon Jovi songs.

Keep the Faith (Bon Jovi song)
I grew up on this album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was a Runaawy. It's My Life and I can do what the hell I want with it. I Want To Be Loved and I just wasn't getting that at home. I had One Last Cigarette and set off down the Lost Highway. I'm Starting All Over Again and this time I'm going to write the Story Of My Life, I was also tired of falling In And Out Of Love. I found a nice girl but all I got was Shot Through The Heart. I told her "You Give Love A Bad Name" and that was The Last Night I spent with her. I thought I would love her Always but now I'm just doing a Whole Lot of Leavin'. I'm going to head down the Lost Highway and make my way to Dry County. At least I didn't decide to go out in a Blaze of Glory. Any Other Day I might have done. It was a nice Summertime but I guess we all move on eventually. 

Cover of "Lost Highway"
Cover of Lost Highway
The bus came and I got on it. That's when I took The Seat Next To You. I told you I Am Complicated but that didn't bother you. Everybody's Broken but you seemed just fine. The more time I spent with you I knew that was the case. Now I'm Burning For Love and you're a Woman In Love. I Want You and now I know there's no need for Fear. We Got It Going On and You Want To Make A Memory. A lot of memories. Like the night we laid ourselves down on a Bed Of Roses. Now we're Livin' On A Prayer and I hope you Save A Prayer For Me.

I thought the original was better. But that's still pretty good. Because, you know, I'm fucking awesome. 

What are some of your favourite Bon Jovi songs, or, if you don't like him, who do you like?


  1. It's not like you just used some titles here and there, practically every sentence is made up of song titles! Holy shit, impressive!
    If you would've asked me "what's Bon Jovi?" I would've guessed some fashion brand. I am not a musically smart man.

    1. To be fair the dude has a lot of songs. There are some artists where something like this would be a nightmare. Thanks though. I was trying to use a title in each line.

  2. What Fang said. Color me impressed. Making a coherent story out of THAT many song titles is damn impressive.

    As for me, I'm musically smart, but I usually prefer to listen to Indie music. Insert comment about me being a douchey hipster here. :(

    1. Thanks. It was fun to right something completely without purpose too. Just writing for fun is something I don't do enough of. Music is music and I won't judge you based on your music tastes. I would if you were a proper hipster though. Not liking a particular artist doesn't make them bad; there's bound to be someone else who thinks they're the best artist ever.

  3. Wanted Dead or Alive for me!

    1. It took me far too long to realise what a "Steel Horse" was.

  4. wife loves bon jovi....dead or alive is def my fav...
    and gotta say, the musicfest i was at this weekend, one of the bands
    did a couple BJ songs...and i was singing along rather loudly...ha

  5. I'm sorry you missed Ben Jovi. They are surely up there with other great tribute bands such as The Beatle Brothers and Ed Zeppelin.


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