Thursday, 31 July 2014

Another Period Of Weight Loss

Contrary to the slight worries and fears expressed in my post on Monday about being weighed, I actually had a pretty decent result when I went to the doctors. Decent considering what I've been eating and doing in the past few weeks that is. Which is, not much. I've not been doing much. I've been keeping up with my exercise though and even upping it a bit and that seems to have made enough of a difference for me to lose six pounds. Exercise can't undo damage done, but it can certainly mitigate it.
For people who don't know what the number six looks like. For some reason searching "six" brought up softcore porn. Thanks Google!
One problem I have right now though is that my left knee is starting to hurt. There's a minor dull ache when I'm walking or applying pressure to it, and occasionally it can flare up into full blown pain. When that happens I have to stretch it out a bit and it usually ends with me resting it on my bed. I should probably call the physio, and kind of told my nutritionist that I would, but I'm afraid of bad news. One thing I always wanted to do was keep my mobility. I wanted to never end up being unable to move properly. My nutritionist suggested some foods to encourage better joints before sending me on my way.
Apparently the humble pineapple is good for your joints
Another, much larger, problem I have is that I actually don't feel or even, in my own eyes, LOOK any thinner. I've lost a grand total of over forty pounds now, I've dropped about a 7th of my body weight, and I don't know why but I still can't see it. Morgan (I'm tired of just referring to her as "my nutritionist") suggested that maybe I'm just built naturally large. Apparently being big boned is an actual thing and not just an excuse. I guess we'll see what's left when I've dropped another hundred pounds and I'm where I'm supposed to be on the weight scale. Still, forty pounds in 7 months, not bad at all. I've actually lost 48 pounds, which is pretty good.

Yes, I am that humble.


  1. Dude, that's really great, good job so far! Sure you feel like you can't see the difference right now, but do you have a "before" picture? The weight loss has been happening gradually, so chances are you don't notice simply because the change happens over time.
    Also, please get that knee checked out. You really don't want to be walking around with a ticking time-bomb if they can easily diffuse it.

  2. Forty pounds in 7 months is not only not bad, it's good. Congratulations!

  3. You're doing great. I just think maybe you are a pessimist thinking the glass is half empty, and that's why you think you are not seeing any improvement, but if you keep it up, you will definitely get the results you want.

  4. dude...48 pounds is a lot...nice job...and even if you cant see it...i am sure you will on the knee...i hope it is just your body adjusting...losing mobility would def i def hope that is not it...

  5. Weight loss is always good unless you have cancer and losing weight than not so good


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