Monday, 9 June 2014

Two Last Readings

Well this is it; It's my last short story reading. This experiment hasn't proven as much of a success as I wish it would have done as far as sales went but I still had some fun doing them. Plus, hey, any exposure is pretty good. .Thank you everyone who watched and shared these videos.

The last story is called A Chest Of Childhood and I decided to do something a little fun for my last reading. You can tell from the video anyway, but I was wearing my cloak for this video. The story itself is about a man who cleans up his room and finds his old toy chest. He looks through it and finds something that inspires him to tell his son a story.


Another thing that's come from these stories is the amount of people telling me that I should go into voice work and try and read stories professionally. Or semi-professionally. Last Friday I wrote a post about my exploits in that field. As well as doing a reading video, I also did a voice demo reading. I read the start of Into The Vortex by Bryan Pedas of A Beer For The Shower. Apologies if I butcher your name Bryan. Now because subtle hints don't really come across online, yes this was my subtle attempt at saying to them "hey, let me do readings of your books if you want to branch into audiobooks."

Unfortunately I didn't save my original, better, reading. This didn't turn out as good as that one, but it was the best I could do right now. I will probably do another demo some other time. Until then, enjoy what my voice sounds like filtered. It's not massively professional, given my lack of professional microphone, but it's better than it has been in the videos.

Seriously; You want me to voice something? Let me know.


  1. Love the cloak and of course the smile!

  2. Very cool! You know, I wouldn't call it "not a success" just yet. Let them sit there for a while and collect traffic. This stuff usually takes time to build steam.

    Reading others' stuff would be very cool, and you're welcome to read anything by us. It sounded great. And my last name sounds like bed us (think Peddus) but very close.

  3. That's a damn fine cloak. Reminds me of Kvothe from Kingkiller Chronicles if you've had the fortune of reading that series.

    Also, sorry it took me so long, but I purchased 'As I Sit Here Looking Out to Sea', and left a review on Amazon (the .com version).


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