Monday, 23 June 2014


After blogging about some (okay literally two) of my favourite drama shows on Netflix last Friday, I thought this time I'd blog about Netflix itself. Because, you know, I haven't actually done anything. Damn I really need to be more productive. Or think of better things to write about. If I could do that I'd be writing more probably. At least I'm getting weighed tomorrow so I'll have something to talk about on Thursday.

I need to be doing more of this (Photo credit: jjpacres)
Netflix is a great service. It's cheap as Hell too. Hell only costs you your soul and I don't know if souls have monetary value. Do they? Huh, that's something for the philosophers. Well anyway, there's a lot of really good stuff on there. As a Brit my choices in stuff are a little limited, but I can get around that thanks to the Hola internet addon. 
Oh Hola you've changed my mind.
It's basically a proxy that allows you to watch things, or view websites, from whatever country you want. The main attraction is Netflix but there's also other sites. Like when a video is blocked on CNN or somewhere else, or when your favourite song hasn't been made available in your country on Youtube. I've found there's just one small problem with Netflix; THERE'S TOO MUCH CHOICE.

I can't decide!
I've found that while there's a lot that you do want to watch, there's a lot that you won't actually watch. I'll browse through and I'll think to myself "Oh I love that!" or "I've heard nothing but good things about that, I should probably watch it." Do I? Not as much as I probably should. At least I watch enough to justify having an account. For a while it was just sat there taking my money. I'm willing to admit that one problem I do have is that I have a bad attention span. I have trouble just paying attention to a show and so I like to have a show on in the background while I do other things. So that also makes it hard for me to pick something to watch. But still, it seems to be a phenomenom that comes with everything where you have a lot of choice; The more choice you have, the less likely you are to actually choose something. It's why there are people with so many unplayed games on Steam. At least, that's what I tell myself when I see how many unplayed games I have.
Don't even get me started on that Steam sale.
Do you have a Netflix account? Do you find it easy to choose something to watch, or just spend a lot of time surfing without picking something? Also, what's the monetary value of a soul?


  1. I feel your pain. There's too much choice!
    I currently have about 8 series in my to-watch list, and there's no chance of me watching them any time soon. How did some of them get to 6 seasons already? I don't have time to catch up!
    I demand a TV hiatus until I'm ready again.

  2. I don't have Netflix, because I feel like if I did I'd never get anything done. Sure, I can write a new chapter right now... ORRRR I can stream an Alf marathon for the next 8 hours.

  3. I love the new look of your blog. Well, new to me. I haven't been blogging in quite some time. My soul is priceless. I love my Netflix! I binge watch shows all the time. Right now, I'm pacing myself on Orange is the New Black. Love that show.

  4. Netflix removes that element of risk that comes with torrenting. I'm not sure if I prefer it that way or not.

  5. I have a Netflix account. I opted out of the streaming because I figured I spend enough time on the computer, and also my computer at the time was being too slow for it too work. I have them send me the DVDs and usually I am too tired and lazy to send them back so they sit around for 2 or 3 weeks. I blame most of it on the fact the evil corporation I work for works me half to death or I would not be like this. A soul is worth $99.95.

  6. We don't have Netfix here in Australia


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