Friday, 6 June 2014

I Got The Part

Over the past few weeks I've been posting videos of myself doing readings. One of the main things to come out of it was, unfortunately, not sales. It was people telling me that I should give actual voice acting/readings a try. To be honest I have thought about it, and getting into it before, but it's not something you can really jump into. 

Or maybe it is
I am a member of a Voice Acting forum and a freelance site. I tried to use the freelance site for writing jobs and had little luck. That's where I met Aaron and we all remember how that went. I'd rather not post about that again. Sadly the way the freelance website works is that I can't try out for any paid VA jobs until next month. I can only put myself in one category at a time and multimedia is a different category to writing. It takes a while for them to formally swap me over and apply for multimedia jobs.

Woo, applying! Although technically it's more of an audition
I didn't let that stop me though and still scoured the VA forum. They post jobs for both fan works and original series' there. I once applied on there for a fan project. I think I might have blogged about it. It was an MLP voicing and I made it past the first audition but was cut. This time I went for a completely original story and, as the title suggests, got the part. 
It's two references in one!
The story is a gay love story, and there are two straight side characters. One is called Gill. He's a hopelessly romantic poet who also happens to be a merman. Words cannot describe how perfect I was for the role. Evidently the writer agreed and asked me to read all my lines within two weeks. I'm me, so of course I had them done in less than an hour. I sent them off and said I would be willing to reread anything if need be, and haven't heard back. Presumably everything is fine.

Now I won't be getting paid or anything for this. It's mostly just helping someone with a pet project of theirs. But that still feels good. This is also something for the portfolio. I have experience now. I'll be able to point and say "I did that. That's my glorious voice." I also do have a year experience in the radio industry. Technically. I'm part of a weekly live broadcast podcast and have been for a year. It counts. 

Have you ever had to audition for anything, or apply for anything, other than your actual job?


  1. Way to go on getting meat for the 'folio, Mark. I just switched on my freelance site from writer to graphic designer and I know it takes quite some time to switch. Great luck to you.

  2. that is really cool man....good on you for going after it...any time i submit a poem i think of it as an audition...and i have performed in front of several crowds as well...always get a tinge of the butterflies but i love it...smiles.

  3. Well done you! Persistence totally pays off ( hopefully one day it'll pay off literally for you too! Yay!) You as a merman sounds just amazing!! All the best! Take care


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