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While I don't watch a lot of TV specifically, I do watch a lot of television programs. I subscribe to Netflix and if anyone asks that is the only source of my TV shows outside of my actual TV. Though, seriously, Netflix and the BBC iPlayer are pretty much my only source of television these days.

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Yay Netflix! (Photo credit: dolphinsdock)
While I do prefer comedies and sitcoms, and those kinds of shows, I've also been watching some drama shows lately. Specifically Heroes and House. One of the best parts of House is that House, a surly American doctor, is played by a British comedian. 

Hugh Laurie 3
Hugh Laurie plays House.  (Photo credit: Buou)

He's actually so good at his job a lot of Americans don't realise that he's a Brit. Let alone a comedian. But Hugh Laurie and his fabulous bearded Britishness isn't the point of this post. The point is drama shows in general. I found myself making the remark yesterday that they're a lot more realistic than other shows. Or at least the shows I tend to watch. 
The opening title card for Futurama
I also went through Futurama, Quite a difference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If something goes wrong in things like sitcoms, they tend to get resolved quickly. They have the odd serious storyline and do touch on serious subjects, but the fallout doesn't last very long. Look how many times Ross and Rachel broke up on Friends. That's just not realistic yo. When something goes wrong on House, it takes a long time to fix. Some things don't get fixed. That's the way life works. I suppose that's one of the reasons that I'm not actually a major fan of drama shows. I use TV mostly as a way to escape. I don't really need to be reminded of how life actually works. 

What are some of your favourite TV shows? Do you prefer comedies, dramas, or something else entirely?


  1. I haven't seen House in a long time, but it is a very good show. If I had to watch sitcoms, I'd watch British sitcoms. I think they're much better than our American sitcoms which now a days are just a bunch of good looking people acting cute or attempting really corny jokes. There is actually some real comedy in Britcoms. Maybe you could recommend some?

    1. I can actually! Yay me! If you don't mind crude humour then Inbetweeners is very good. Peep Show is excellent. There's also Black Books and Spaced. One downside of British shows is that seasons don't last as long. The Inbetweeners ran for three seasons and only has about 20 episodes, which is about one season in the states.

    2. Sounds like some good idears that I can add to me Netfilx!

  2. I remember the first time I saw Hugh Laurie interviewed and heard his British accent. I was SHOCKED! I had no clue he was British.

  3. I didn't know that Hugh Laurie is British. Im in the same boat as you I watch no TV (outside of live hockey) besides what streams on my netflix or my Amazon instant watch (an app like netflix). And I love that Netflix has some BBC stuff like Top Gear and Sherlock. Streaming > Live TV

  4. Heroes is cool...did you know that they are restarting it this year?
    i watch arrow, of thrones is good...
    we are rewatching 24 right now...

  5. I also have not seen house in a long time but it was one of my favourite shows

  6. I'm yet to experience the joy of Netflix (but have heard so much of Orange is the only Black that I totally am tempted) and I rely completely on iplayer! Esp now with the football on at very non-work friendly times! Ahem!!! Anyways!! I must admit to not getting into House when it first came round. I guess I'll forever remember Hugh Laurie in Blackadder! I was a total ER fan - that was lovely drama and such amazing story lines too!

    Take care


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