Monday, 16 June 2014

Differences Between Things

This post will either be interesting or boring depending on your point of view. Hopefully it'll be a little bit interesting.
If you're as curious as this little kitty you'll enjoy it
We begin with Mountain Dew. DO THE DEW! I was always convinced that Mountain Dew was an energy drink, then I was informed it was an isotonic drink, and then finally the truth was revealed; it's just a soft drink (soda) with a lot of sugar in it. It's pretty much a cross between a regular soda and an energy drink. But that got me thinking. Just what IS the difference between an energy drink and an isotonic drink?
I did what everyone with the internet does when they're faced with a problem; I searched online. Notice I didn't say "I googled it". Googling something has become a synonym for searching for it online, but I only use google when I have to. I use Duckduckgo (it's not as much fun to say you Duckduckgo'ed something) and it gave me the answer in the form of a website called It's a website that tells you the difference between two similar things. Like energy drinks and isotonic drinks.
If a potential employer finds this website I am fucked.
The difference between an isotonic drink and an energy drink is pretty simple; Energy drinks have a buttload of caffeine. They're essentially carbonated coffee and they're made to help get you through a busy day. Whereas isotonic/sports drinks "are drinks that are to be consumed when a person plans to sweat or perform vigorous activities. Sports drinks have sugar, salt and vitamins that are expected to replace the lost electrolytes when a person performs excessive exercise."

So there's the difference. There are plenty of other cool ones on there too if you ever find yourself curious. I know I do!

What are some differences you would like to know, or just general curiosities you have?


  1. I'd like to know the difference between the right amount of confidence and over-confidence. I think DuckDuckGO'ed something sounds much cooler. It would start impromptu games of duck duck goose. Games are always fun!

  2. The "Google it" for DuckDuckGo is officially "Duck it", as they mention here. In your sentence that would probably be "I ducked it". But usually when talking to people I just say "Googled it" to keep things simple and understandable. (Wish I didn't have to.)

    "If a potential employer finds this website I am fucked."
    Perceived quality of an article goes up by roughly 20% (compared to image-less articles) when it uses insightful, informative or otherwise helpfully relevant images. On the flip side, perceived quality can go down as far as 35% if it uses poorly designed, unhelpful or simply irrelevant images.
    I wish I could provide a source for this, but it's "just something I read once", and took the numbers off the top of my head, so I can't guarantee accuracy. But it's something to consider?

    1. Wait, so you're telling me that when my iPhone autocorrects my swearing and a sentence comes out like "Yeah I ducked it up pretty badly" that my phone was really just thinking I was searching for something?

  3. ha...the dew def loads up the caffeine and makes my boys bounce off the dont know about the difference...i just want to know what is really in potted meat....ha...

  4. Ok I love Mountain Dew but I don't drink it much because I am diabetic and it is a no no also don't drink energy drinks or isotonic drinks but I do have to have my Pepsi Max or Coke Zero every single day

  5. There is Diet Mountain Dew which has the caffeine but no sugar. I have learned you have to judge these things by how your body feels. If you have really been working your butt off, then sometimes the big dose of sugar that is in a regular Mountain Dew will help you. Sometimes it just makes you feel worse. Too much of anything is never good... all things in moderation. That's my 2 cents on the matter anyway.


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