Monday, 30 June 2014

Adventures In Customer Service

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that last Friday I did something I rarely do. Well, outside of my designated days of not doing it. I didn't comment on any blog posts. I didn't actually read any either because something happened. My internet completely vanished overnight. It was good when I went to sleep, and then it was suddenly gone and just wouldn't come back.
Pretty much
After making sure that everything was plugged in properly I rang the helpline to see if there were any problems in my area. There weren't, but I decided to wait an hour or so to see if the problem fixed itself. These things are usually caused by human error or fix themselves. 
I also did this of course. Damn I love the IT Crowd
After nothing worked and the problem didn't solve itself I rang customer service. After a brief description of the problem they informed me that they would have a technician sent out. By the 2nd of July. That's this Wednesday and I was told that last Friday. So needless to say that wasn't really very good for me. It sounds like such a first world problem but I rely on the internet heavily. For a start its where all my friends are. I was feeling depressed and the only people who can make me really happy are people I talk to online. 
It bothers me when people don't get this
It was made more perturbing when I woke up on Saturday to a voicemail from BT (my ISP and phone provider) saying that the original estimate was actually supposed to be two weeks. At that point I was pretty much just done. Then I got another, much better, phone call from BT. It was one of their technicians who was actually in the neighbourhood and just down the road. He said he could make up and look at the problem. To cut a long story short, because this has lasted too long, after a few hours he was indeed able to fix everything. A wire outside the house had been damaged and broken, and taken everything down with it. Now I have my internet back, of course, and can resume my life.
BT Ireland logo (2005 - Present)
BT; Not so bad after all (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Would not having the internet affect you all that much? 


  1. Oh man, that sounds like a terrible experience, especially with wait times like that.
    As an IT dude I pretty much rely on the internet for everything; working, learning, troubleshooting, and of course socializing too. Kind of scary actually, how I'm building my existence around a network of tubes. If they ever go down, I'm pretty much fucked.

  2. Well be thankful that it didn't last for the full two weeks as was initially suggested.

  3. So kind of that gentleman to call and say he was in the neighborhood like that. That's good customer service indeed.

  4. Someone actually came out while they were just by in the neighborhood? Wow, you can tell this didn't take place in America. That would never happen here.

    Last time my Internet went down and it wasn't a problem I could fix (it was on their end) they said the soonest they could send out a tech was 1 week. After 48 hours the problem just vanished and I ended up canceling the appointment. Thank God for customer service, amirite?

  5. Not having the internet would be extraordinarily disruptive. I'd hate to not be able to surf for por...uh, communicate with my friends on the other side of the wide.

  6. MEANT to write "other side of the wide, wide world."
    That porn thing got me all discombobulated.

  7. I so hate not having internet and ours has a habit of dropping out and when I ring tech support they are often useless

  8. ugh. i hate being disconnected...its why i got rid of Verizon...their customer service sucks...they gave me a 7-10 day estimate once....and i switched that same day...had the new ISP out there in less than an hour...ridiculous!

  9. Wow, 2 weeks sounds like a long time to wait for them to send someone out. I'm glad you didn't have to wait that long. I get pretty friggin' depressed without the internet myself.


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