Thursday, 15 May 2014

Well I Almost Exercised Every Day

When I saw my nutritionist last week we chatted a lot, as I said in the post. I still feel kinda bad about not being very talkative with her. I'll try to make it up next time. Anyway, one of the things we talked about was of course exercise. We actually talked about routines and habits and I have trouble forming them. Habits that is.
Routines are pretty easy to create
She told me that she would love to take a walk every day, but it's just not that easy. My mental response? "Seriously? It's damn easy to take a walk every day and I'm gonna prove it!" I set out to take a walk every day...and gave up after a few days. It IS easy to take a walk every day, but it's hard when you have things you have to do. I did have things I had to do, so I couldn't go out like I wanted to. I still wanted to exercise every day though and so I came up with a solution. A solution that unfortunately cost me money.
Everything good in life does. Also I want these so bad.
My solution was to buy a mini exercise bike. If you don't know what one of those is, it's basically a set of pedals with a computer attached to keep track of your progress. An exercise bike, but without the seat if you will. I have an exercise bike but it's incredibly uncomfortable and I can't stay on it long enough for a good workout. I have a surprisingly bony ass. I decided that even if I couldn't WALK every day, I could certainly exercise every day.

This theory went pretty well actually. I managed to last a while until one fateful day, last Thursday, I was struck ill. I still exercised then, but I was in no condition to do so on Friday. No, wait, I was able to Friday but I knew I wouldn't be able to Saturday. My new plan was to exercise every WEEK day. Then Monday hit. Oh God Monday was so bad. I was so ill I barely left my bed. I haven't been able to exercise since then, but I'm writing this on Tuesday and I always go for a walk on Wednesday because I walk home after grocery shopping. So I'm getting back into this "Exercising every day" malarky. I did come to one conclusion though; EXERCISE IS BAD FOR ME.
Searching for exercise pictures can be bad for me too. Oh God the horrors I saw. 

How about you? You ever try and do a physical challenge? Did you succeed or were you struck down by your own body? 


  1. worst case scenario, those exercise bikes make great places to hang clothes...smiles...its def hard to get in the rhythm of gets easier though...

  2. I've been hitting the gym at least 3 times every week so I think my body is sort of getting used to it. I'm not left a cripple anymore for the following week.

    Unless we do a new exercise. Then the set of muscles involved are crippled. God it still hurts to walk right now.

  3. That is great you are doing really well


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