Friday, 23 May 2014

Voting Matters

It's kind of late seeing how the elections were yesterday (and yes, I wish I had just scheduled yesterday's post until today and had a relevant post today) I felt I could still post about elections. Yesterday in the UK we had local elections to elect councillors, and there were also elections to the European Union. I'm pretty sure the entire EU was out voting on that one. I had a chat with Fang about it at least.
Vote Battle Kitty!
Elections are a really important thing. I'm writing this post as I watch the numbers come in actually. They won't be done by the time I've gone to bed, but I'll have a good amount of them at least. It's making me sad that the voter turnout for most of the election has been less than fifty percent. Some places had as low as a 20% turnout. My house personally had a voter turnout of 66% as my brother didn't vote.
He lacks Common Sense
I get that in this particular case, people might not have felt the need to vote for a local election. It's not the like the political dynamic of the country is likely to really shift, but the EU votes definitely matter. They could also pretend to care. Jessica moved to Spain but she's still keeping up with the way the UK elections are going.

Still, I voted. I personally voted for the Green Party for the EU elections. I'd have considered voting Pirate (and have voted for them before) but I pledged to vote Green because they pledged to fight for Digital Rights. An issue I feel very strongly about. Even if they don't win I took a stand for what I believed in. Come to think of it; as much as I might disagree with the voting choices of some people (we have at least two racist parties here, and one that's filled with cunts) they're also voting for people who believe what they do. I can't really fault them for that.
Even though I really, REALLY want to
They'd feel the same way about me that I do about them; that I was making the wrong choice.

The EU elections are actually taking place over the next few days. If you live in the EU, and your country hasn't voted yet, be sure to vote when they do!

Do you vote regularly when you get the chance to, or are you just filled with political apathy like most of the world?


  1. Actually, the average percentage of people that vote has so far a lot of times been lower than 50% when it comes to EU matters. "I'm pretty sure the entire EU was out voting on that one." doesn't actually fly here.

    1. I meant more that every EU country was getting involved in electing all the MEPs. Low voter turnout always disappoints me. Especially because a lot of people who complain about the state of things don't vote. If you don't vote, you shouldn't be allowed to complain about who wins or loses.

  2. Politically apathetic here, but I did vote on some measures last year. We just had elections here and I was put-off by the people sitting in lawn chairs outside the polling stations holding their candidates signs. If they felt so strongly about their candidate, why don't they stand up? (save for the ones that can't and I know they aren't all that way. Plus green party here rules.

  3. They say low voter turn-out generally points to people being satisfied with the way things are going. Are you satisifed?

  4. I vote for a day without back pain


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