Thursday, 8 May 2014

Screw It, We'll Do It Live!

But not from New York City because I don't live there. I'd say "unfortunately" but I can think of very few benefits to living in NYC. Oh there are a couple for sure, but nothing I can really say would make it worth it right now. It seems like a very expensive place to live.
Is the friendzone an expensive place to live? Hell if I know.

Well anyway, as you might have guessed this post is a little late, because it's very live. I was going to set something up before I went to bed last night like I always do but I was a little ill yesterday. I'm not feeling all that much better today but I am feeling a little better. I think there were a few things I wanted to post about but I churn out something like those in my current condition. I can however still write something. I don't want you to think I'm all dead and what not. As per usual I have plenty of things racing through my head and very little actually going on. I would say that is probably one of my biggest weaknesses; I always have these ideas, but I also always find it hard to stick them out and go with them.
Kittens of course being another major weakness. 
So for now I think I'll just bid y'all a fond farewell and hopefully I'll have something of more substance tomorrow, and I'll have done something of more substance by the time I'm dead.


  1. You really just wanted to share that .gif of that air-humping dog didn't you?
    As I always say, and probably told you already, ideas aren't worth shit. So get yourself out of that "but I got ideas" state of mind, and starting working towards being able to say "I used ideas and did something cool!"

  2. There is no way I would ever want to live in New York. I visited. That's good. I just need things slower. It wasn't for me. Not to say I didn't love it. Because I did. Just no living there for me!

  3. whoa...that one dog is a bit too friendly...haha...
    new york rocks...i could live would be different
    but so much to take in...i would probably take it for granted though...

  4. I'd probably like to live in New York right up until the moment I actually arrived there.


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