Monday, 12 May 2014

My Cat Is Self Aware

I came to quite a startling realisation last week. Or maybe the week before. It was recent though, I remember that much. I was hit in the face by the undeniable knowledge that my cat is entirely self aware. In fact almost every cat is. If not, you know, every cat. I don't even know why I said "almost" there. All pets are too. If you've ever asked your dog if he/she's a good boy/girl, then chances are that yes, your dog knows they're good.
...yes part of the reason for this post is to post cat pictures
Your cat, and your other potential pets are completely aware of everything around them. They think for themselves, and of themselves. While you view them as a pet, they might see you less as an owner, and more of a roommate. They probably find the very idea of being owned foul and insulting. They do not beg you for food or treats, they merely remind you that it's about time you gave them some. Pets are conditioned, much like children, to act how we want but they also have their own individual wants and desires. That's why a cat will always, always sit on the warmest thing it can find. Especially your laptop.
And they look damn cute while doing it
I don't know why it really took me a while to grasp that concept. It just did.

What about you guys? You have any pets? Have you ever taken the time to realise just how self aware they really are?
This also definitely applies to my cat


  1. Mark I agree that our pets probably see us as their roommates rather than their owners. I would even argue that cats think they are OUR owners :)

  2. If only man, if only. I'm allergic, sadly.
    But you sure are late to the party with this realization. France recently upgraded pets from "property" to "living beings", essentially giving them rights much like humans have.

    1. That's awesome. We need that here. Here, if you lose your animal and someone takes it in for a certain period of time, they can just keep it because animals are still technically considered property. Imagine if they did that to people.

      "Well, your son got lost about 2 months ago and I brought him home with me, so he's my son now. Also, he's no longer Billy. His name is Jared."

  3. I once had an argument with some Jehovah's Witnesses about animal awareness. They claimed that the thing that separates men from beasts was that men are self aware and able to recognise their own reflection. This meant that humans are unique in God's plan.

    When I pointed out that dolphins, chimpanzees and bonobos could recognise themselves in a mirror, they didn't believe me. They got especially shirty when I told them to look the scientific studies about this.

  4. I love your new layout, Mark. Much easier on my migraine eyes!

    My dogs are very self-aware. One day I'll have to upload a video of how aware they are. Especially when the clock is about to strike 6:00 p.m. It's like they have an alarm in their bellies. They all get excited even if we are just sitting there watching television. We know it's time to feed them. Then they start to dance around their bowls. Pretty funny. I digress. I might love my dogs a bit much.

  5. I am not a cat person and in fact I am over having pets they are too much work and I just don't have the time to spend with them

  6. ha. my cat is in charge.
    my previous cat thought she was my kids mom. used to check on them and such. it was crazy. now my cat lived for us to wait on him. lol

  7. Don't really have any pets to tell you about, but I often do wonder to what extent animals have feelings similar to humans. We're taught that there's not that much going on in their brains, but anecdotal evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

  8. I'd consider getting a cat trap, i.e. A box of some sort right beside your laptop. For some reason the cats always fall for it and stay inside the box, well away from your laptop.


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