Friday, 30 May 2014

Lost In Time But Not Space

I have a seriously bad sense of time, and now I'm also wondering if I can make this last a whole post, let's give it a go. I suppose I could just have a short post anyway, or find some other way to make the post look longer, without making it any longer.
Pictures help with that. Like how dieting helped Pikachu.
Anyway, sense of time. Seems I also have a really short attention span, but I knew that one anyway. For me, a day can feel like a week, an hour can feel like a day. The kind of odd thing is I'm actually not up that late, I'm only awake for like 16 hours a day, which is the given norm. Normally that's a reason why people feel like that, an inconsistent sleeping pattern, but mine isn't that bad. I usually wake up at 11 but I sometimes get up earlier. I get to sleep between 3 and 4am. I'm that guy.
Rare Candy does not work quite so well on Pikachu

I think part of it stems from a time when I use to be nocturnal. I'd be sleeping from 12 noon to 8 or 5pm till midnight. To be honest I kind of miss those days. I feel obligations to be up during the day. My brother still sleeps a lot during the day, and I envy the guy for it. Though even before then I had trouble with time. Lessons at school would feel way longer, and the weekend never seemed to be long enough. Then again it's been proven that time does fly when you're having fun, and drag on when you aren't. When you're bored you tend to really watch time, but having fun means you don't, so it does mess with your perception of time.
Waiting for time to pass
If and or when I ever live on my own, or at least move out of my dads house, maybe I'll go back to my old ways, but I don't know. Individual days and weeks seem to drag on forever. I can't really remember much about the past few months either. But my shitty memory is possibly an update for another day. If, you know, I remember.


  1. I wish time seemed to pass slowly. The past twenty years feels like about 5 years to me. It's like my whole life is whizzing by...

  2. How much sleep you get isn't everything. It's also what time you sleep. According to experts, the best time to wake up is 7:22.

    In the morning.

  3. Time passes all too fast for all of us.............


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