Monday, 5 May 2014

It's All New From Here On Out

Last week I managed to get something done that I'd been working on for quite a while; I finished the rewrites of Immortal Space. I've now caught up to where I was, which was Trent and Jeff crash landing on the planet. I don't know if I named that planet. I probably should have. I should probably know anyway. I don't think I have named it. Sheesh.

Anyway what that means is that now I can begin work on the rest of it, and work on getting Immortal Space finally finished and ready for publication. When I'm done with that I can take the next logical know, publishing it. Then I can work on the grandest self whoring I've ever managed to achieve. I'm talking a blog tour (if you'd be willing to let me stop by your blog on said blog tour in the near future let me know) and I'll probably even contact the local media where I live. I almost wish I had an independent book store but even if I did, I'd still need a print copy of the book.

Of course that's all in the future. For now I have to focus on finishing writing it and I don't really know how long that process is going to take. A few months or so depending on how much time I'm able and willing to put into it. Plus when it's done I do want to leave it for like a week or so, and then go back through it one more time.

Properly people; that's how I'm doing this.

In the meantime go buy my other books on Amazon!


  1. Woo, we're finally getting closer to release! It's been a damn long wait, you better hurry up already. ;D (But don't rush it, really.)
    Also, if by blog tour you mean doing a bunch of guest posts, then sure, that can be arranged. Can't say I see any benefit from coming over to my blog, what with limited readership and all, but hey, your call.

  2. Congrats on the next step in Immortal Space's journey Mark!

  3. Congrats on getting back on track with Immortal Space! I'm definitely available to host a blog tour, if you're interested. Last I remember, you already had enough of the story written to have a sizable novel, so can't wait to see how it is when it's published.

  4. Woohoo for getting back on board with Immortal Space. And don't worry about naming the planet. Maybe they didn't know where they crash landed. Columbus sure didn't know where he was when he reached America; he thought he was in India.

    Also, I dig your Amazon author picture, especially that your cat is staring at you, completely enraptured by your stories. Or at least that's how I choose to interpret it.

  5. It's been a while since I've stopped by. Looks like you've been putting out some books. Good for you! I like the cleaner look here too!

    When it comes to self-whoring, is always glad to host those who wish to shamelessly promote themselves!

  6. cool man i am looking forward to new story...and way to go getting caught up so you can move on.....

  7. I like the new look of the blog.

    Good luck with the writing project!!

    I hate when you forget if you named something... So hard to keep track of for those of us building worlds and places for fantasy and scifi stories. I've got notes exploding out of all my bookshelves with lists of names and maps and charts and of course a month after I've written something down it never makes sense again because I forgot to file it with the right story.....

  8. Good for you Mark! Keep on truckin'!

  9. High five Mark someone is pleased and that someone would be me

  10. Sounds like you are really making a lot of progress, not just with writing, but with promoting yourself. Keep up the good work.


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