Thursday, 29 May 2014

I Kinda Got Lucky

As most, if not all of you, know I'm on a diet right now and I've managed to lose a fair bit of weight. If you're keeping track you'll also know I get weighed every five weeks. If you're super stalkative then you'll know it's been about five weeks since I last got weighed. Damn, that's a lot of stuff right there.
The reaction of people who noticed how long it's been since I was weighed
Now, I was actually supposed to get weighed again today. Unfortunately, yet kinda fortunately, I received a phone call from the doctor's office yesterday morning informing me that my nutritionist was ill. She actually has the Chicken Pox so I hope she's okay. It can be kinda bad in older people. Though frankly I have no idea how old she is. She looks pretty young but implies she's older than she looks.
Normally I'm actually pretty good at guessing ages
I say that I'm lucky, and that it's a little fortunate, because it was my birthday on Monday. While I'm not actually one for birthdays, or celebrations in general, I decided to treat myself for my birthday. I had pizza and it was damn good. Pizza three days before you get weighed is a pretty dumb idea. If I was weighed today then there's a good chance it would be a disappointing number. I would have excuses, but I'd still feel like crap.
Instead I have two weeks of badassery ahead of me to try and do something, and lose some weight. I went on a pretty good walk yesterday and plan on doing one again today. I was going to go to the gym but I had a nasty cold and instead decided to do a low intensity walk.

In the rain.


The good news is that on Sunday I went to my voluntary job. They had scales in the store and I weighed myself. They said I had lost five kilos. That's a good 11 pounds. It'll take more than one day of pizza to ruin that. Assuming that the scales could be trusted of course. I never trust scales from outside of the doctor's office.
My reaction whenever scales say I've lost weight. They really do lie!
No word on my blood tests from last week, and I forgot to ask about them.


  1. The psychological aspect is a big part of the game. If you would have weighed right after you ate the pizza, you might not have got the number you wanted, and feel bad, despite the fact that the number was not indicative of the real progress you are making.

  2. My weight is at a standstill not going up or down much to my annoyance


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