Friday, 9 May 2014

BlueStacks; Android On Your PC (And Mac)

While I've been a bit ill this past week I did make quite the discovery yesterday. I found something I've been looking for for quite a while. Also, how fun is English that the previous sentence contained a double word, but is also completely accurate? Ahh English. You weird, weird language.

Anyway, back to what I've found. I suppose the title of the post gives it away really. I found a program that basically runs the Android OS on your computer with your mouse acting as your finger. You click where you would touch if you were using a touchscreen. They even have the full Google Play store on there. The only real problem is that I've yet to really find a way to do things that involve two fingers. I think that's just because I disabled zooming using my mouse pad. It annoyed me when I kept accidentally zooming in and out on things.

I have an Android tablet of my own but the quality isn't that great. I got it for a few select things and it couldn't run them too well. I tried to find an Android emulator and didn't have any luck. I just kind of stumbled onto this yesterday. Not literally using Stumbleupon. That would have been pretty fun.

Well there are a few games I've wanted to play that were just mobile only. My actual tablet couldn't handle them too well but this does the job just fine. Since I've only just realised that I haven't put a link down yet, it's called BlueStacks and it's here;

I'm not even going to pretend this isn't what I was playing


  1. Something about making your blog more professional and all that. ;D
    This stuff isn't anything new, I'm surprised you didn't find anything similar in your earlier search. This stuff is basically godly for mobile developers, so they don't have to move their applications to their phones every time they want to test a small change. But, yeah, it can also be used by consumers for playing mobile games. Chances are there's a command and/or keyboard shortcut for gestures, too.

  2. Much as I like ye newie touchie screenie typie keypad thingies - I prefer the olde fashion one - two hands typing on a separate keyboard! LOL! We have an ipad at work that we share and the keyboard that comes with it does it for me - can't bear the fingerprints on the screen! Sorry, am probably rambling on about something completely off topic but there you go! LOL!! Hope you continue to get better! Take care

  3. I prefer a normal keyboard but I am an old fuck so that is to be

  4. ah that is cool..i dont have an android...i wish i could get clash of kings on my PC...i am a bit of an addict right now...


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