Friday, 16 May 2014

All Famous People Are Overpaid, Apparently

So I saw something recently. This to be precise;
Hypocrisy abounds!
It's about hypocrisy, as the caption suggested. Basically it's calling out people who say sports stars (athletes) are overpaid, but have no problem with musicians or actors being overpaid. It kinda got me thinking.

See, I would agree that a lot of athletes are probably overpaid. A lot of actors are too. The budget in movies goes towards paying for the actors, and a major reason that tickets and food cost so much at sports arenas is how much the athletes are being paid. I don't have sources so you'll have to trust me there.
I'm impersonating Faux News. Heh.
But are musicians really overpaid? That depends. In a way they are. They're probably paid a lot to put on shows and to make cameos or do advertisements. But when it comes to making and selling their music, it's a different story. It actually costs money to produce and release a CD. If barely anyone buys it then the musician will lose out. It's one of the reasons I have a problem with paying for marketing. Even then, the money they make comes from sales. WE pay THEM.

There are a lot of musicians who I wish were more famous. There are people who are super talented but can't make a living out of what they do. There are plenty of people who are probably bad at what they do, but still make a lot of money. Quite frankly it's a crazy world out there. The term "starving artist" has literal connotations. I'm not really sure where else I'm going with this to be honest. I've kind of made my main point; we are the ones who pay musicians, and some of them should probably be paid more.
Whatever's in this would probably be bad for my diet

Do you think athletes are paid more than they should? What about actors and musicians?


  1. Musicians aren't overpaid. Record labels are. If there's a middle-man, he's almost always overpaid, rarely any exceptions.

  2. Supply and Demand, Honkey. Them rich ass mofos gots the supply, and Joe Q. Sixpack has the demand. I say we burn em all

  3. i guess in th end you are paid in direct proportion to how much you can make for your is supply and demand though...and when one profession becomes needed the pay goes up...maybe that will happen with teachers soon...smiles....if you think about it they used to tribute gladiators a ton of money...we are not far off with football players...

  4. I think everyone is overpaid, except for me.

  5. Money is the root of all de-evolution, I say. The purest of artists do not wish to get rich off of their work, but share in the richer feeling of actually making differences in lives of strangers. Fugazi, for instance, still sells tickets to their shows for five bucks. That's the kind of artists I want to watch, and not just because I'm a 'starving artist'.

  6. There are so many overpaid people in the world but the famous make up a big number of them


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