Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Bit Of A Redesign

I don't think it's hard to see that the place has undergone a change in appearance. For a start it's a lot brighter around here. I've also come up with a new banner image. It's not the one I really wanted, but it's pretty much the best that I could come up with on my own, given what I wanted to do. That was to have a cartoonised picture of me talking with a speech bubble around the name of the blog. I kind of want an animated picture of me to basically be my "logo", for lack of a better term.

I don't know if this change is permanent. It looks alright, but I have basically no design experience or even skill. I wanted a more professional and welcoming looking place, which is kinda hard to do given some of the widgets I have down the side there. So I think I can pretty much give up on that one. Basically I want to turn this place into what I would consider an official website for me as an author, and my books. A lot of authors have websites and I already had a website, so I didn't see the point in getting another separate one.

It certainly looks a lot more welcoming in my opinion. It almost definitely seems way too simple for me. But hey, I guess I kind of need to keep it simple for what I want. Actually a lot of websites are pretty simple looking. They have to be. Fang is pretty great at designing websites and his blog is very simple looking. Knowing him it's packed with a ton of code though.

Well for now enjoy the new look and let me know what you think. It only took about five minutes to throw together. All I actually did was change the template. Though, speaking of Fang again, do you remember the last time I created a banner? I would have blank space in the picture that Blogger would replace with the colour white. It happened again and it really limits my design choices. Do you remember the code?

Yes folks, I just put a little personal message to Fang in a post. That's interactivity right there!


  1. Nah, there ain't all that much code involved in my blog design. (Then again, since it's a Wordpress theme, I am keeping track of different page types.)
    And re: the header image issue: dude, your image has a white background because that's in the image. Edit that out first, and go from there. ;D (Also, throw some anti-aliasing onto that font and bubble man, these jagged edges don't look too good.)

    Looks pretty okay, I'd say. If you want to go for a more professional look, those widgets in the sidebar got to go, or you need to find a way to more gracefully integrate them.
    The menu bar up top is a little too small to fit all items. You can fix this by making them more snuggly fit the text inside of them. This style makes it look a bit better:
    .tabs-inner .widget li a { padding: 1em; }
    I would also personally prefer getting rid of the gradient in that navigation bar by using
    .tabs-outer { background: #b3ca88; }
    But if you really want to keep the gradient background then that's fine too.
    I'd say it's a vast improvement over what you had previously, especially since you're shooting for a more welcoming look. Nice work!

  2. I like the new design Mark. It's easy on the eyes and creates a very inviting atmosphere. I need to eventually do a redesign on mine!

  3. I like the new design a lot. It looks more professional to me for some reason, and more appropriate for an author's website. I don't really know why.. it just strikes me that way. Maybe because the theme is a more recent design from Blogger. Not quite sure. Only thing, is if you could try to adjust the widgets on the left-hand side to be wider. In my browser at least, in the amazon widget you can't fully see the artwork for your book...

  4. i like is clean and i think all the more professional...its suits you as a writer as well....

  5. It looks good. Black text on white is always nice and easy to read, which is probably the main problem with my Blog design. It does seem a tad more professional somehow.


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