Friday, 30 May 2014

Lost In Time But Not Space

I have a seriously bad sense of time, and now I'm also wondering if I can make this last a whole post, let's give it a go. I suppose I could just have a short post anyway, or find some other way to make the post look longer, without making it any longer.
Pictures help with that. Like how dieting helped Pikachu.
Anyway, sense of time. Seems I also have a really short attention span, but I knew that one anyway. For me, a day can feel like a week, an hour can feel like a day. The kind of odd thing is I'm actually not up that late, I'm only awake for like 16 hours a day, which is the given norm. Normally that's a reason why people feel like that, an inconsistent sleeping pattern, but mine isn't that bad. I usually wake up at 11 but I sometimes get up earlier. I get to sleep between 3 and 4am. I'm that guy.
Rare Candy does not work quite so well on Pikachu

I think part of it stems from a time when I use to be nocturnal. I'd be sleeping from 12 noon to 8 or 5pm till midnight. To be honest I kind of miss those days. I feel obligations to be up during the day. My brother still sleeps a lot during the day, and I envy the guy for it. Though even before then I had trouble with time. Lessons at school would feel way longer, and the weekend never seemed to be long enough. Then again it's been proven that time does fly when you're having fun, and drag on when you aren't. When you're bored you tend to really watch time, but having fun means you don't, so it does mess with your perception of time.
Waiting for time to pass
If and or when I ever live on my own, or at least move out of my dads house, maybe I'll go back to my old ways, but I don't know. Individual days and weeks seem to drag on forever. I can't really remember much about the past few months either. But my shitty memory is possibly an update for another day. If, you know, I remember.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

I Kinda Got Lucky

As most, if not all of you, know I'm on a diet right now and I've managed to lose a fair bit of weight. If you're keeping track you'll also know I get weighed every five weeks. If you're super stalkative then you'll know it's been about five weeks since I last got weighed. Damn, that's a lot of stuff right there.
The reaction of people who noticed how long it's been since I was weighed
Now, I was actually supposed to get weighed again today. Unfortunately, yet kinda fortunately, I received a phone call from the doctor's office yesterday morning informing me that my nutritionist was ill. She actually has the Chicken Pox so I hope she's okay. It can be kinda bad in older people. Though frankly I have no idea how old she is. She looks pretty young but implies she's older than she looks.
Normally I'm actually pretty good at guessing ages
I say that I'm lucky, and that it's a little fortunate, because it was my birthday on Monday. While I'm not actually one for birthdays, or celebrations in general, I decided to treat myself for my birthday. I had pizza and it was damn good. Pizza three days before you get weighed is a pretty dumb idea. If I was weighed today then there's a good chance it would be a disappointing number. I would have excuses, but I'd still feel like crap.
Instead I have two weeks of badassery ahead of me to try and do something, and lose some weight. I went on a pretty good walk yesterday and plan on doing one again today. I was going to go to the gym but I had a nasty cold and instead decided to do a low intensity walk.

In the rain.


The good news is that on Sunday I went to my voluntary job. They had scales in the store and I weighed myself. They said I had lost five kilos. That's a good 11 pounds. It'll take more than one day of pizza to ruin that. Assuming that the scales could be trusted of course. I never trust scales from outside of the doctor's office.
My reaction whenever scales say I've lost weight. They really do lie!
No word on my blood tests from last week, and I forgot to ask about them.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Another Reading

Yes folks I have another reading for you. I think I said in the last post that I would be doing one a week of all my short stories. I only planned on reading the first chapter in each of the actual short stories though. The reason I read all of Tulips is because there's more to the book than just that one story, and also none of the stories in that book have "chapters". This time I read the last short story I published. Or at least I think it was the last one. In any event, here's me reading the first chapter of Not Another Camping Story. Please like the video, share it, whatever. I don't ask for much. I really don't.

Last week I actually sold a copy of a book so these readings have quite possibly lead to a sale, which justifies them.

P.S Today is my birthday. I'd have made a birthday post but meh. I figured this was the best day to share this video.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Voting Matters

It's kind of late seeing how the elections were yesterday (and yes, I wish I had just scheduled yesterday's post until today and had a relevant post today) I felt I could still post about elections. Yesterday in the UK we had local elections to elect councillors, and there were also elections to the European Union. I'm pretty sure the entire EU was out voting on that one. I had a chat with Fang about it at least.
Vote Battle Kitty!
Elections are a really important thing. I'm writing this post as I watch the numbers come in actually. They won't be done by the time I've gone to bed, but I'll have a good amount of them at least. It's making me sad that the voter turnout for most of the election has been less than fifty percent. Some places had as low as a 20% turnout. My house personally had a voter turnout of 66% as my brother didn't vote.
He lacks Common Sense
I get that in this particular case, people might not have felt the need to vote for a local election. It's not the like the political dynamic of the country is likely to really shift, but the EU votes definitely matter. They could also pretend to care. Jessica moved to Spain but she's still keeping up with the way the UK elections are going.

Still, I voted. I personally voted for the Green Party for the EU elections. I'd have considered voting Pirate (and have voted for them before) but I pledged to vote Green because they pledged to fight for Digital Rights. An issue I feel very strongly about. Even if they don't win I took a stand for what I believed in. Come to think of it; as much as I might disagree with the voting choices of some people (we have at least two racist parties here, and one that's filled with cunts) they're also voting for people who believe what they do. I can't really fault them for that.
Even though I really, REALLY want to
They'd feel the same way about me that I do about them; that I was making the wrong choice.

The EU elections are actually taking place over the next few days. If you live in the EU, and your country hasn't voted yet, be sure to vote when they do!

Do you vote regularly when you get the chance to, or are you just filled with political apathy like most of the world?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Thyroid, Thyroid, Give Me Your Answer Do

Just so we're clear right from the start, yes I really did make this post just to have that title. Well it might not be the whole reason but I'm prouder of that title than I really should be. Because it's pretty awesome. And being awesome is awesome.
Not quite as awesome as this but nothing is. Just look at it.
Last Friday I booked myself a doctor's appointment to see him about my sleeping problems. Namely that I still have them. I wasn't sure what I was even going to say to him but thankfully on Monday, a little before the appointment, someone gave me an idea. I got to talking to them about things, and they suggested that I might have a thyroid problem. It fits pretty well with the symptoms I have, and they have a daughter who has thyroid problems, and I reminded her of her daughter.
It's the hair. Not pictured is my actual hair.
I got to the appointment and talked to my doctor about it. He said it was worth a try and booked me in for a blood test this Friday. So chances are I won't know the answer until maybe this time next week. But when I do know I'll let you know.

There's one major problem with what afflicts me; my symptoms are so very vague and common. Who here hasn't felt tired? Who hasn't felt a total lack of ability to be able to do anything? After talking to Jessica though I'm not entirely sold on the idea I have a thyroid problem. She said that people who have them have a lot of difficulty losing weight. I used to, but it turns out I just wasn't doing it properly. I've lost 30 pounds in five months. I don't seem to have a problem losing weight.
It'd be nice to have some answers though. As much as I didn't want diabetes, it would have explained a lot. If I don't have a thyroid problem then I'm back to thinking "Well what the hell do I have?"

You guys ever been relieved to finally have an answer? It doesn't have to be to a medical problem. We all have problems from time to time. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Tulips; A Reading

I don't think there's going to be too much written content in this post, because there's a video down there. You might even be able to see it from here. I've had some ideas lately about my writing and self promotion, and one of those was to do readings of my own work and put them on Youtube. Random people might see them on Youtube and, at the very least, they're pretty easy to share for people who are interested. I'd very much like to make a viral video but just having some people see it and learn about my stories would be good enough.

Most of you guys either have, or have read, Tulips, so I won't ask you to sit through the reading. But I will ask you nicely if you can share the video at the very least. I don't really ask for much. So you can do this for me at least, right?

By the way I have other ideas I'll tell you about soon, and I also plan on starting to reply to most (if not all) comments. I used to do it before but I just stopped. It's a pretty professional thing to do and, hey, some comments are worth responding to.

Friday, 16 May 2014

All Famous People Are Overpaid, Apparently

So I saw something recently. This to be precise;
Hypocrisy abounds!
It's about hypocrisy, as the caption suggested. Basically it's calling out people who say sports stars (athletes) are overpaid, but have no problem with musicians or actors being overpaid. It kinda got me thinking.

See, I would agree that a lot of athletes are probably overpaid. A lot of actors are too. The budget in movies goes towards paying for the actors, and a major reason that tickets and food cost so much at sports arenas is how much the athletes are being paid. I don't have sources so you'll have to trust me there.
I'm impersonating Faux News. Heh.
But are musicians really overpaid? That depends. In a way they are. They're probably paid a lot to put on shows and to make cameos or do advertisements. But when it comes to making and selling their music, it's a different story. It actually costs money to produce and release a CD. If barely anyone buys it then the musician will lose out. It's one of the reasons I have a problem with paying for marketing. Even then, the money they make comes from sales. WE pay THEM.

There are a lot of musicians who I wish were more famous. There are people who are super talented but can't make a living out of what they do. There are plenty of people who are probably bad at what they do, but still make a lot of money. Quite frankly it's a crazy world out there. The term "starving artist" has literal connotations. I'm not really sure where else I'm going with this to be honest. I've kind of made my main point; we are the ones who pay musicians, and some of them should probably be paid more.
Whatever's in this would probably be bad for my diet

Do you think athletes are paid more than they should? What about actors and musicians?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Well I Almost Exercised Every Day

When I saw my nutritionist last week we chatted a lot, as I said in the post. I still feel kinda bad about not being very talkative with her. I'll try to make it up next time. Anyway, one of the things we talked about was of course exercise. We actually talked about routines and habits and I have trouble forming them. Habits that is.
Routines are pretty easy to create
She told me that she would love to take a walk every day, but it's just not that easy. My mental response? "Seriously? It's damn easy to take a walk every day and I'm gonna prove it!" I set out to take a walk every day...and gave up after a few days. It IS easy to take a walk every day, but it's hard when you have things you have to do. I did have things I had to do, so I couldn't go out like I wanted to. I still wanted to exercise every day though and so I came up with a solution. A solution that unfortunately cost me money.
Everything good in life does. Also I want these so bad.
My solution was to buy a mini exercise bike. If you don't know what one of those is, it's basically a set of pedals with a computer attached to keep track of your progress. An exercise bike, but without the seat if you will. I have an exercise bike but it's incredibly uncomfortable and I can't stay on it long enough for a good workout. I have a surprisingly bony ass. I decided that even if I couldn't WALK every day, I could certainly exercise every day.

This theory went pretty well actually. I managed to last a while until one fateful day, last Thursday, I was struck ill. I still exercised then, but I was in no condition to do so on Friday. No, wait, I was able to Friday but I knew I wouldn't be able to Saturday. My new plan was to exercise every WEEK day. Then Monday hit. Oh God Monday was so bad. I was so ill I barely left my bed. I haven't been able to exercise since then, but I'm writing this on Tuesday and I always go for a walk on Wednesday because I walk home after grocery shopping. So I'm getting back into this "Exercising every day" malarky. I did come to one conclusion though; EXERCISE IS BAD FOR ME.
Searching for exercise pictures can be bad for me too. Oh God the horrors I saw. 

How about you? You ever try and do a physical challenge? Did you succeed or were you struck down by your own body? 

Monday, 12 May 2014

My Cat Is Self Aware

I came to quite a startling realisation last week. Or maybe the week before. It was recent though, I remember that much. I was hit in the face by the undeniable knowledge that my cat is entirely self aware. In fact almost every cat is. If not, you know, every cat. I don't even know why I said "almost" there. All pets are too. If you've ever asked your dog if he/she's a good boy/girl, then chances are that yes, your dog knows they're good.
...yes part of the reason for this post is to post cat pictures
Your cat, and your other potential pets are completely aware of everything around them. They think for themselves, and of themselves. While you view them as a pet, they might see you less as an owner, and more of a roommate. They probably find the very idea of being owned foul and insulting. They do not beg you for food or treats, they merely remind you that it's about time you gave them some. Pets are conditioned, much like children, to act how we want but they also have their own individual wants and desires. That's why a cat will always, always sit on the warmest thing it can find. Especially your laptop.
And they look damn cute while doing it
I don't know why it really took me a while to grasp that concept. It just did.

What about you guys? You have any pets? Have you ever taken the time to realise just how self aware they really are?
This also definitely applies to my cat

Friday, 9 May 2014

BlueStacks; Android On Your PC (And Mac)

While I've been a bit ill this past week I did make quite the discovery yesterday. I found something I've been looking for for quite a while. Also, how fun is English that the previous sentence contained a double word, but is also completely accurate? Ahh English. You weird, weird language.

Anyway, back to what I've found. I suppose the title of the post gives it away really. I found a program that basically runs the Android OS on your computer with your mouse acting as your finger. You click where you would touch if you were using a touchscreen. They even have the full Google Play store on there. The only real problem is that I've yet to really find a way to do things that involve two fingers. I think that's just because I disabled zooming using my mouse pad. It annoyed me when I kept accidentally zooming in and out on things.

I have an Android tablet of my own but the quality isn't that great. I got it for a few select things and it couldn't run them too well. I tried to find an Android emulator and didn't have any luck. I just kind of stumbled onto this yesterday. Not literally using Stumbleupon. That would have been pretty fun.

Well there are a few games I've wanted to play that were just mobile only. My actual tablet couldn't handle them too well but this does the job just fine. Since I've only just realised that I haven't put a link down yet, it's called BlueStacks and it's here;

I'm not even going to pretend this isn't what I was playing

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Screw It, We'll Do It Live!

But not from New York City because I don't live there. I'd say "unfortunately" but I can think of very few benefits to living in NYC. Oh there are a couple for sure, but nothing I can really say would make it worth it right now. It seems like a very expensive place to live.
Is the friendzone an expensive place to live? Hell if I know.

Well anyway, as you might have guessed this post is a little late, because it's very live. I was going to set something up before I went to bed last night like I always do but I was a little ill yesterday. I'm not feeling all that much better today but I am feeling a little better. I think there were a few things I wanted to post about but I churn out something like those in my current condition. I can however still write something. I don't want you to think I'm all dead and what not. As per usual I have plenty of things racing through my head and very little actually going on. I would say that is probably one of my biggest weaknesses; I always have these ideas, but I also always find it hard to stick them out and go with them.
Kittens of course being another major weakness. 
So for now I think I'll just bid y'all a fond farewell and hopefully I'll have something of more substance tomorrow, and I'll have done something of more substance by the time I'm dead.

Monday, 5 May 2014

It's All New From Here On Out

Last week I managed to get something done that I'd been working on for quite a while; I finished the rewrites of Immortal Space. I've now caught up to where I was, which was Trent and Jeff crash landing on the planet. I don't know if I named that planet. I probably should have. I should probably know anyway. I don't think I have named it. Sheesh.

Anyway what that means is that now I can begin work on the rest of it, and work on getting Immortal Space finally finished and ready for publication. When I'm done with that I can take the next logical know, publishing it. Then I can work on the grandest self whoring I've ever managed to achieve. I'm talking a blog tour (if you'd be willing to let me stop by your blog on said blog tour in the near future let me know) and I'll probably even contact the local media where I live. I almost wish I had an independent book store but even if I did, I'd still need a print copy of the book.

Of course that's all in the future. For now I have to focus on finishing writing it and I don't really know how long that process is going to take. A few months or so depending on how much time I'm able and willing to put into it. Plus when it's done I do want to leave it for like a week or so, and then go back through it one more time.

Properly people; that's how I'm doing this.

In the meantime go buy my other books on Amazon!

Friday, 2 May 2014

That's Some Good Weight Loss There

Look across to the right, and then look back here. You see that? You see that thing that says I've lost 30 pounds overall? I got weighed on Tuesday and I lost 8 pounds, which feels pretty damn good. Last week I only lost about 2 pounds or so, and that was after I took my shoes off. My shoes weigh about a kilo. My coat weighs 2. So it DOES help for me to take a few things off when I weigh myself.

I took what my nutritionist said to heart and ate more fruit and vegetables, and I also exercised more. I went on at least one short walk a week, and I plan to up that this time around. I can also easily afford to eat yet more fruits and vegetables. So that left me feeling pretty good about myself if I do say so.

I do feel a little bad about my nutritionist though. She tried to chat about regular stuff and I wasn't very responsive. I wasn't feeling all that great overall, so I wasn't feeling up to being social. She was asking me some questions about my past and stuff too which was a little weird. We got into conversations about people who play Second Life and my time playing Warcrafft. It was almost bizarre. Although that did give me an idea for a post though, so expect that sometime soon.

I have to admit I never really expected her to talk about personal things. She did also talk about water. Apparently men are supposed to drink THREE LITRES of water a day. I'm going to have to go from drinking one bottle of water per meal to two if I want to do that.

She did sort of admit that the water thing is a bit of a jip. She said that the people in charge of deciding how much water you need constantly up it. They wait until about 80% of the population are drinking how much they say, then they up it. That's why it's gone from 2 litres (or 8 cups) to 3 litres.

So drink more water. Lots more water. KEEP DRINKING WATER.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Bit Of A Redesign

I don't think it's hard to see that the place has undergone a change in appearance. For a start it's a lot brighter around here. I've also come up with a new banner image. It's not the one I really wanted, but it's pretty much the best that I could come up with on my own, given what I wanted to do. That was to have a cartoonised picture of me talking with a speech bubble around the name of the blog. I kind of want an animated picture of me to basically be my "logo", for lack of a better term.

I don't know if this change is permanent. It looks alright, but I have basically no design experience or even skill. I wanted a more professional and welcoming looking place, which is kinda hard to do given some of the widgets I have down the side there. So I think I can pretty much give up on that one. Basically I want to turn this place into what I would consider an official website for me as an author, and my books. A lot of authors have websites and I already had a website, so I didn't see the point in getting another separate one.

It certainly looks a lot more welcoming in my opinion. It almost definitely seems way too simple for me. But hey, I guess I kind of need to keep it simple for what I want. Actually a lot of websites are pretty simple looking. They have to be. Fang is pretty great at designing websites and his blog is very simple looking. Knowing him it's packed with a ton of code though.

Well for now enjoy the new look and let me know what you think. It only took about five minutes to throw together. All I actually did was change the template. Though, speaking of Fang again, do you remember the last time I created a banner? I would have blank space in the picture that Blogger would replace with the colour white. It happened again and it really limits my design choices. Do you remember the code?

Yes folks, I just put a little personal message to Fang in a post. That's interactivity right there!


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