Monday, 14 April 2014

The Second Experimental Story Is Out

I was indeed able to write a short story last week like I intended to. The story is called As I Sit Here Looking Out To Sea, and it's here;

No image? Find it here
I think this story is one of my more emotionally charged ones, or at least I intended it to be. It starts out being a little about my life actually. It's almost some kind of semi-autobiography. When I get around to writing one I could probably just load this up and expand on it. 

A young man sits on a cliffside, and thinks about just how he found himself there in the first place. How he wound up contemplating doing what he was contemplating doing...well that sounded not so great. It's free for today so go grab it, read it, and leave me a review please. Self published authors live and die on reviews. If there aren't any reviews then it's like no one has even read it.

Please, do leave a review. Or at least read it. It doesn't even have to be a good review either. I'm not entirely sure what my story will be about this week. I only had two ideas before starting this experiment. 


  1. I really like that cover, Mark. It captured my attention. Kudos to you on another book! You're rocking and rolling. I just downloaded it. I'm a terribly slow reader. I'm still reading a book I d/l six weeks ago. Yeah, I'm that slow! Once I'm done reading, I'll be sure to leave a review. Congrats!

  2. That IS a cool cover. And leave a not-so-good review? Done!

    "Cool story, bro. Tell it again. 5 stars."

  3. downloaded, will read it tonight.
    def a cool cover...interested to read it from your blurb

  4. I remember way back when I wrote a review for a book on Amazon and it was either deleted or not published in the first place. I think they thought I was trolling, but whatever. I will try to get on top of this situation soon, and write some reviews and purchase some of these. I'm a tiny bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I will get on top of this, I swear.


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