Monday, 28 April 2014

Not Another Camping Story Is Now Live! (Hopefully)

I say hopefully because I'm writing this before going to bed and also before it's fully marked as published, but it IS in the Amazon store. At first I thought I might not be able to get it done but then I went and wrote the rest last night. It counts as last night. It's 3:30 as I write this and I finished about midnight.

The reason it took so long to get done, other than of course pressing things to attend to, was that the story ended up taking quite a different route than I intended. I originally intended for it to be a bit of a light hearted comedy story. I can't tell you what I originally planned without spoiling the ending though so I won't. That would just be silly of me. Just as it would be silly of you to pass up this chance to own this book. if the picture doesn't load

"Mickey is on a camping trip with his dad, Pete, and his friends James, Andy, and Dave. A camping trip just isn't a camping trip without a spooky story and James tells quite the scary one indeed. Andy and Dave are scared, but James isn't. Almost every camping story starts the same, and they almost always end the same. This story is no different from any other story. It's just a silly little camping story, right? There's no chance this animal is really out there, right?"

I know I've posted these books for free but unfortunately that won't be the case this time. I posted about a quarter of the story last week and these stories always only sell free copies. I've actually only sold one copy of these short stories officially. Thanks to Bryan or Brandon. Whichever one of you guys bought it.

Still, it's only 99 cents and I think it's easily worth a buy, a rating, and a review. *coughreviewitcough*

I do believe I'll be going back to writing Immortal Space now. A major part of writing these short stories was to get back in touch with my writing. I feel I've done that. If I get any more random ideas I'll probably write another short story but don't hold your breath.


  1. The fact that it took a different route than intended is exactly what I find fascinating about writing in general - sometimes a story has it's own plan doesn't it?

  2. *coughreviewitcough*


    I love that!

    I need to pop over and review As I Sit right now. I love when a book heads in a different direction. So much fun! Good luck!!

  3. The best stories are the ones that deviate while you're writing them. We're looking forward to checking this one out soon. Also, you get so many bonus points for using "buy my shit" as a tag.

  4. nice...this is the one you gave us a sample of the other day right?
    i will check it out mark....


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