Friday, 18 April 2014


Three writing based posts in one week? Did that happen? I'm not entirely sure what Monday's post was about anymore. Oh, that's right, it was about writing. It was my latest short story. So yes that would make this technically the third writing post in a row. Yay for me.

A few days ago I joined up on the site I was hoping to get an author account there. They let you set up question and answer sessions and really connect to people. Something like that would be pretty invaluable to me as someone who doesn't really have much in the way of resources. I get by pretty much entirely by word of mouth. That's why reviews are so important to me *coughhintcough*. At first I wasn't sure how to sign up as an author and inadvertently made a regular account. Not that I'm really complaining. The site is excellent for readers too. It's full of information on books and some of their recommendations have been pretty good. They even let you add books too and that's how I got my author account.

I added one of my own books and it turns out I'm already on there. Tulips and Other Stories was put up there by our own Althea. If you read this Althea then thank you very much for that! When I put another one up, they asked me if I was the writer, and I sent in a written application for an author account. I just got a message today (technically) that they accepted and launched my author account. Wheeee.

So if you have a account then please do find me on there, and recommend me. Or just give me a nice rating. If you don't have an account there, and you enjoy reading, then I'd highly recommend getting an account there anyway. Those people know their books.

I really need to get my author page set up actually. Dammit though it's 4AM at the time of writing and I need sleep. Some things can wait. Probably.


  1. sleep well.
    keep writing, that will get you further than any marketing.
    too many authors forget that.

  2. I love my sleep just saying and keep writing


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