Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Glorious Day Of "I Got Nothin'"

Yes folks, that's right. It's 3;15 in the morning here and I should be in bed by now. I should probably be a little more professional but then, well, I'd have to be a little more professional. To be honest I probably would be if I felt I really could. If I had something to talk about each and every time it was time to write a post then that would be a good start. Then I would probably act a little more professionally. Actually, come to think of it, at what point does blogging become a profession?

I mean, there are professional bloggers after all. I guess it happens when you make enough money through your advertisements to qualify as a significant amount of money. For that you'd need quite a lot of visitors huh? I'd have to be kinda famous for that. Well maybe one day I will be. You'll all rue the day that you doubted I would ever become famous! Oh if only I could write fiction like this. I've actually not stopped writing since I started and I've barely blinked. The words are almost literally flowing through my fingers. Note that I say "almost". I highly disagree with this absurd notion that the word "literally" can be used to mean a great exaggeration. It's actually a new definition of it in the dictionary apparently. So the phrase "I literally died when my boyfriend saw my baby photos" IS technically accurate.

I don't want to live on this world anymore. I'll be honest with you folks. When someone uses the words "Literally died" and they're still alive, part of me thinks "Oh if only". Am I a bad person? Probably. But if you want to live in my world you have to obey the rules.

Well how words change definition over the course of time is an idea for a whole other post. I actually did that already. I wrote a post that was a bunch of dirty words and what they used to mean before people made them dirty. Then there are nicknames that are just dirty. Like every man called Richard who allows you to call them Dick.

I want to have a child and call them Richard, just so that I always have an excuse to refer to them as Dick. Damn kids, costing me all this money and not amounting to anything.

Oh wait, that was me. Dammit.


  1. ha. please if you have a child, do not call him dick.
    did you know there are people that pay people to comment on them and increase their stats....that is ridiculous...

  2. ^^^^
    I don't think it's worth blogging if you have to pay people to comment. Where are people's integrity? I came close to buying followers once, just to make myself look "official" but I couldn't do it. I'd feel like a phony every time I looked at my followers. It's much more satisfying knowing they all followed because they wanted to follow.

  3. I don't think "professional blogger" always means you make money via the blog. For example, Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) is a professional blogger but she makes money from her books. Same with Hyperbole and a Half.

    I'd be willing to call ourselves professional bloggers. We know what we're doing, we've been doing it solidly for a long time (4 years), we put some real time into it (each post takes upwards of 8-10 hours), and we have a brand name. People know what to expect from us. I'd call that professional. You might even call yourself professional, too.

    You don't necessarily have to be rich to be a professional. Though... you know, that whole "rich" thing WOULD be nice...

  4. In order to make that leap into professional blogging, do you have to stop posting farts jokes? If so, I may never make it to the big leagues.

    Also, if you post a link to that dirty words post, that would be great.


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