Friday, 28 March 2014

Well That Was A Disappointment

I got weighed yesterday and, as the title suggests, the result was a little disappointing. It was still a loss (after I took off my shoes) but it wasn't much of one. A measly three pounds in a month. I've been eating pretty much the same amount of calories, but I switched things up a bit. Mostly I got lazy and took the easy route. That meant I ended up cutting out some vegetables I would have normally had. I also ended up doing less exercise.

I was pretty sloppy in the first half of the month. Even though I tried to pick up the slack in the last two weeks, not enough slack was picked up. I was also weighed a week early. If I had been weighed next week I might have been able to knock off a couple more pounds but that would still have sucked. I was hoping to lose at least nine.

Still, gotta pick myself up and keep on going. I can tell myself what I did wrong and I can change it up next time around. I need to see what went wrong as a reason that it happened, and not feel like it was just an excuse. That's the biggest problem I have with things like this. I'll see the reasons they went the way they did as excuses, and just feel bad about them. But I have more fruit, I'm going to eat more vegetables, and dammit I'm going to call up the physio and see what we can do about my body.

I kinda screwed up this past month but I won't let it happen this time around. The nutritionist also had a few ideas of her own, and thought that maybe I was actually eating a little too little. Or maybe my body is just slowing down a little and I have to accept these small amounts of loss. Nuts to that though. I still weigh about twice as much as I should so there's no way, to me, that I've reached a point where my weight loss is going to come to such a grinding halt. I know when I get closer to my target weight I'll have to exercise more to come close to a good loss, and I'll accept that when the time comes.

For now, it's back to eating better and exercising more.


  1. Good job on admitting it's just your own fault. Now follow through what you said and improve, you got this!

  2. But three pounds in a month would be 36 pounds in a year - that would be a tremendous accomplishment!

  3. You're right-just keep at it. The end game is worth it. Take heart that it was still a loss (i.e., not a gain). It's worth it. At my age, it's not so much LOOKING good. It's that I don't want to buy new clothes if I gain weight. Okay, there's the health thing, too. But, new clothes are expensive.

  4. Hey, you're on the right track! You still lost weight despite getting a little bit off your game plan. Not only that you're willing to make the proper adjustments. Stay positive, no reason to be disappointed about this.

  5. I was really obsessed with my body image when I was younger, now I care less what I look like as I age and just want to be healthy.

    I try to work out a few times a week but could never manage to show my face around a legit gym. I found home workouts like p90x style videos are best for me, where I can look as dumb as needed in the privacy of my own cave. ha good luck though.

  6. Hey, you are three pounds lighter than what I've been able to achieve. In the past seven months, I've yo-yoed with a weight loss of ten pounds, losing THEN gaining them again.

    Don't get frustrated with yourself because weight loss is a journey, complete with ups and downs (hopefully, more downs in terms of the scale).


  7. At least you could see it was your fault

  8. Three is better than 0!!!! Well done you!!! :-) Slowly but surely and steadily!! You are totally doing great!

    Take care

  9. That's still an accomplishment!

  10. First step is admission, eh? BUT -3 is worlds better than even a +0. You may not have lost much, but YOU LOST SOMETHING. And that ain't nothing.


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