Friday, 7 March 2014

Two Sentence Horror Stories

I accidentally scheduled this for the wrong day, hence it being so late.

There's something new taking the internet by storm. Yes I know that happens every few weeks but this time it's something that's actually something. Something. They are, as the title suggests, horror stories consisting of only two sentences. They're short, sharp, and they kind of stimulate your imagination to fill in the rest. This is something that makes them pretty good. Anyone can just write two sentences but I say it takes a fair bit of skill to write two sentences that make you think of a whole story on your own.

I haven't actually written any myself so I can't take any credit for these. All credit goes to where I found them ( and their respective authors. Whoever they happen to be.

I quite like a good spooky story, so seeing them condensed to just two sentences made my day. See if you can come up with any of your own.


  1. Good stuff. I'm willing to bet my bottom buck most (if not all) of these came from /r/WritingPrompts. Great fun subreddit, had a blast couple days back with a prompt I posted. "The laws of physics are actual written laws. Breaking them is possible but illegal." People there can get really creative!

  2. dude...i am so going to try this...
    these are very cool...hmmm....wonder if i can do it as short.

  3. I read a few of these on 9gag but did not dare to read it during night time or else will be sleeping in sweats under the blanket. hahaha

  4. I've come across these mini horror stories on 9gag, love them :D

    P.S. visiting your blog after ages, congrats on the weight loss and keep it up!

  5. forking a thin cut slice slice of meat between his teeth, he thinks of his wife. smiling, he raises a glass, her hollow eyes staring beyond.


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