Monday, 31 March 2014

Screw Education, I Play Sports

Please note I do not in fact play sports. People who do play sports include college athletes on sports scholarships. The kind that get an A- to bump up their average to ensure that they graduate. You know the ones I mean; They can barely read or write, yet somehow graduate. People would joke, albeit also pretty seriously, that they would get high grades because of their footballing skills. I've been informed that what the internet tells me college girls do for their A+s isn't actually true. It turns out though that the football thing IS.

A football player from the University of North Carolina submitted a single 146 word paragraph on Rosa Parks. That brave black woman who refused to give up her seat for whitey. If it wasn't bad enough that they only wrote one paragraph, it was also full of typos and terribly written anyway. They still got an A- for it though. The funny thing is that it's not some kind of crooked teacher either. It's not like they're passing a legit course for something like that.

It turns out that instead of just giving football players A's, they put them on bogus courses. The courses involve them writing a paper at the end of it for a good grade. It can, indeed, do wonders for their averages. In a way it's almost not a shoddy practice and more of a technical loophole.

The biggest surprise for me in all this though is that people were surprised. This seems like one of those things that everyone acknowledges but there's no completely concrete proof. The best way to hide is in plain sight. Famous Paedophile Jimmy Saville accepted the jokes about being a paedophile and even made them himself.

Not that I'm comparing the situations, I'm just saying I hope something changes. Then again it seems like changes don't really happen. I don't really know why I'm angrier about this than I should be. I think I just hate a really corrupt education system.


  1. Yeah, I think stuff like this is BS too. It's basically saying that you don't need to focus on being smart or furthering your education because we want you to excel at football and focus on that instead. Schoolwork isn't terribly hard, and if you can't juggle a proper workload and doing something fun at the same time, then you're not going to be prepared for the real world. That's just called everyday life.

  2. I saw the story about the North Carolina player...unbelievable.

  3. It's absolutely true about the ball players. At Ohio State it's even worse. Every year the team goes out on the town and every year they rape a few girls. They get away with it every year. They are untouchable.

  4. Okay sure it isn't exactly corrupt teachers at work, but it's an awful flaw in the education system nonetheless. Sure they're goot at sports, but let them be good at just sports if they need to. You shouldn't arrange an A- average for that bonehead kid just because he's the best player in your local team. Fucking bullshit. That way when people graduate, their diploma's won't be worth jack.

  5. I had no idea that goes on, I just assumed that because footballers have to be college educated, they'd be intelligent in at least one field. And what's that about college girls? Don't tell me those aren't their real teachers...

  6. Then the football player graduates and goes on to make $30 million a year. They're essentially getting the football degree lol.

  7. its a reality that has been going on for years....preferential treatment for those that achieve godhood.....sports, fame, position....its not a surprise....more so that we go along with it...

  8. Now let me preface this by saying I grew up a Chicago Bears fan, and I like NFL Football. But why any so-called educational institution would encourage their students to play a sport which is proven to cause head injuries and brain damage defies common sense.


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