Thursday, 6 March 2014

My Childhood Was Probably Awesome

Like a whole lot of people out there (I'm not sure on the real number) I have Netflix. I also have Hola which allows me to watch US Netflix, as you guys have more stuff available than us thanks to licensing laws. You'd think after all this time Netflix would have more permissions than it already does. Anyway, it's a great way to reconnect with a lot of shows you loved as a kid if you had the privilege of growing up in the nineties like I did.

I watched a show on there that I watched when I was about ten, maybe early teens. It was a great show and, thankfully, it stood up to the test of time. I had a miniature nostalgiagasm when I saw that they also had Power Rangers on there. The original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Back in my day we didn't spell all our words fully. Now I'm a grammar Nazi and can barely ever allow myself to get away with it.

Power Rangers was a great show and in hindsight, a really, really weird one too. It was made by using footage from a Japanese show and mixing it with original footage of "American teenagers with attitude" as Zordan called them. There were scenes that looked really normal, and there were scenes that resembled a poorly dubbed Japanese movie which, effectively, they were.

Then there were the giant fucking robots. I love giant robots. As Megas XLR taught me; "Everyone digs giant robots." It is kinda funny though that as I got older, I came to really love all things Japan. I enjoy reading manga and watching anime, and I watch anime in original Japanese with English subtitles. So much so that I can't watch Pokemon in English, even though that's also on Netflix now. I just hate the dubbing job that 4Kids did. Yet I can still sit back and appreciate a show like Power Rangers.

I loved all things Japan before I even knew they were Japan, and I don't know of anyone who hasn't enjoyed at least one Power Rangers series. Given the kinds of shows I watched growing up, and what they were like, my childhood really must have been pretty awesome.


  1. I really need to join the rest of society and finally get Netflix. I still DVR everything lol.

  2. ha. power rangers came late for i missed out...but have relived much of it through my boys...i know who the green ranger is...ha....its cool though that we can watch those old shows...and its funny that my kids love the old shows more than the new....

  3. But what about the dinosaurs? Japan had their issues with dinosaurs.

  4. I used to love Power Rangers. We had such great shows in the 90s. What other ones were you watching? I was so excited that Netflix has Rocko's Modern Life. But they still need Pete & Pete; that was the greatest show ever.

  5. I had a similar experience with Farscape. It recently came on Netflix, and was a show that myself and Mrs Addman remembered quite fondly. We decided to give it a try for nostalgia's sake, but found that it stood the test of time surprisingly well. We've recently finished the whole series, and I'd recommend it to anyone with a passing interest in Sci Fi.

    Also, if you have a PS3, you can just set your DNS settings to an American server and pick up US Netflix with relatively little fuss.

  6. Yep, my childhood was pretty awesome also, and that includes being a 90s kid who loved the Power Rangers. You know, ridiculous Japanese fighting/cut scenes aside, I just love the fact that the black ranger was black, something I didn't notice until I was an adult. Unintentionally racist or hilarious?

  7. Netflix has tried for years to get into the UK. They've spent millions in court only to be stymied by your government. At one point it almost put them out of business because they'd spent so much money in legal fees. I hope you guys are able to get more of it as it's a great deal and there are things from my childhood as well.

  8. I love my Netflix. It's allowed me to scale down on premium channels and saved me a ton of money. My boys were avid Power Rangers fans for a year or so. Then, they moved onto bizarre cartoons like CatDog and Johnny Bravo.


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