Thursday, 27 March 2014

Manning The Hell Up

This post is inspired pretty much entirely by the Beer For The Shower Boys. After their comment on Monday's post I sent them an email thanking them for helping me out. They managed to dig up some stuff on Aaron and even offered some things that I'm not sure I can legally discuss. Most of all though they helped me see things how I really should have been seeing them and they made me feel better about the situation I find myself in.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to get published traditionally over being self published is that I feel that I don't have the resources. Being self published comes at the cost of having to do things like your own promotion, and everything like that. I have a bit of a fear of putting myself out there, and of course my crippling insecurities. I mean, Tulips did better than I expected, but it still could have been a lot better. There's a lot I could have done for that book but didn't. Instead of looking at it as a lesson, as I would encourage anyone else to do, I remained too bogged down by the negatives. Though, hey, it DID do so well that I got taxed by the American government. My dad pointed out how fun that was because thanks to Amazon I paid American tax, but, Amazon themselves are notorious for avoiding British taxes. I think they owe billions. I know Vodafone owe about six billion. I even got me a tax return. Unfortunately it amounted to 0.00 dollars.

Even though I didn't make much money, one of the main reasons was because I set the price at 99 cents. I only got a 30% royalty. Publishing a book really helped me see why books can be so expensive these days. I still don't understand why video games are but that's neither here nor there. The important thing is that I DO have resources, and I'll have help should I need it. Without being asked, Bryan and Brandon found out about this guy, and helped me out. My own blog might not have many followers but I know blogs that do, run by people who would be more than happy to help me. I'm part of a podcast that let's me plug stuff. Heck every time I mention my book the host does a sell job for me on the thing.

I have friends, I have support, I have what I need to make something of myself. I've never really been in this kind of situation before. I've never had a support network, and I've never used one. Hopefully it'll all still be there when I need it. I said on Monday's post that sometimes people don't even realise what they've done to you. Now I'm beginning to see that, sometimes, you don't see what you've done to others either, and what you really have. I just really hope this feeling lasts.


  1. is a good feeling...and i am glad that you are on a high man...sustain can do it for sure...publishing will eat you up if you let it...

  2. Yeah, those guys with their beers and their showers. Great folks, the two of 'em.
    Sounds like you were walking into a scam? Thank God you got out of that in time.

    I believe I've said it before, I'll say it again because it fits so nicely. And this doesn't go for just me. Most people here I assume share this sentiment. I'm here if you need me. Just chat me up or whatever, if you need to vent or for Real Professional Life Advice™.
    You're a great writer. There's still growth for more, but you already got what it takes, your humility partially goes to show that. And if you don't believe in yourself, then believe in me who believes in you!

  3. Sounds like you are just being a bit hesitant. Maybe you feel like you are not ready for the limelight yet. I can't really tell you how to get out of that mode, but sometimes it is wiser to lay in the weeds and strike at just the right time, rather than taking unnecessary risks.

  4. We already said our piece through e-mail so all I can say is that we're glad to hear that you're getting back on track, and we're always here if you need anything, even just a bit of advice. A lot of writers feel like it's them against everyone else, but the reality is that we're all in this together.


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