Thursday, 13 February 2014

You've Done It Again Science

Science is awesome. Case in point; BIONIC HANDS THAT CAN FEEL THINGS. To be honest I didn't even know that bionic hands were already a thing. They've had artificial limbs for a long time now, but now you have ones that you can control with your mind. I'm pretty sure I've probably seen them around, but never really acknowledged or learned much about them. That's a damn shame because I absolutely love science and I've been waiting a long time for bionic limbs. Not that I'd ever get one unless I needed one. I'm quite happy with my fleshy human arms. Robot hands would still be pretty cool though, and they're especially cool for people who have lost their hands. Or the use of them at least.

People like Dennis Aabo Sørenson from Denmark. He lost the lower portion of his left arm nine years ago and he had one of those fancy bionic hands he could control with his mind. He took part in a trial to test a new one that let him feel things too and it worked. He regained the sense of touch through an artificial limb. I had a damn nerdgasm when I read that.

Unfortunately it's still pretty early in the technology. What Dennis was going through was only a clinical trial that's over already. He's gone back to his old robot hand. He was pretty nice about the whole situation and wanted to help the scientists and other people in his situation, even if it meant that he only had touch temporarily. They're going to have to make some more adjustments and things before they really become available for commercial use. Even then it's probably going to be a long time still until they become really affordable.

This, my friends, is really the great golden age of epic awesomeness. This is when everything gets created. Thirty years from now when things like 3D printers and bionic hands become commercially available at affordable prices, that will be pretty cool, but it's still cooler to have been around when they were being made.

Now where are my damn flying cars and hoverboards? I need hoverboards to be a thing while I'm still reasonably young.


  1. Hmm, I thought we had done this last year as well. Or maybe that was just a "we're getting there" message? Regardless, there's no denying now the future's here. Time to accept our bionic human overlords.

  2. its pretty cool to be able to feel again once you lost a limb...i am happy for those that have been without....flying cars....wondering what that traffic jam will look like...ha

  3. I had no idea that they now have limbs that you can control with your mind. WOW...

  4. That is FASCINATING.
    But, just so nobody thinks I'm above the lowest common denominator:
    sex robots can't be far behind.


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