Friday, 7 February 2014

Where Did All The Time Go?

As I look back at this past week, that's what I find myself thinking the most. Just where did all my time go? When I think back, I seem to have had more than enough of it, but apparently not as I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. The obvious answer is of course that I managed my time pretty badly, but even that doesn't quite seem to amount for things.

At least I got some editing done. I can say that. I experienced the joy and horror of going through something I wrote a while ago too when I went through the date scenes again. The really sad part about that is that I didn't really change a thing. I just wasn't in the mood for something like that when I was going through them. They weren't actually so bad that they required editing. I've discovered that a lot of the later stuff, when I really found my pace and fully understood where things were going, wasn't that bad. The rest of the edits should fly by. If I ever get started on them.

There's no real excuse for everything I've not gotten done this week. I've also gotten a few things done that weren't on the plan though. Such as a lot of cleaning up. So it's not all bad, I guess.


  1. its amazing how fast times goes by when we are not noticing it...i am glad though it is the was a long week for me...

  2. Heck, at least you manage to clean up. I been putting that task off for *weeks*.


  3. Time and money-- never enough of either!

  4. And, before you know it, you'll be 55 and wonder why you keep getting your testicles caught in your sneakers.
    That probably didn't make you feel any better, huh?


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