Thursday, 6 February 2014

Still No Release

For my book that is; The Beast. First the publisher was going to release it last month, and then it was last week, and then it was some time this week. I don't think the delays would bother me so much if I knew why they were happening. I even checked my spam folders to see if I had anything from him, and there's nothing there. There's still always tomorrow I guess. But it is a bit annoying that it's still not out. I could do with some good news right now. Oh well. I'll continue on, and see what happens.

As for today, I plan on at least taking a walk. I don't think I exercised much last week and I haven't done anything this week either. Maybe about a mile or so at most. I don't think I have it in me to my good old fashioned four mile walk anymore. I'm also going to have to use a different route if I only want to walk a mile. That kinda sucks because that route has too many downhills. The four mile one had a downhill on the way back, but it wasn't very steep so I was still able to keep up a good heart rate. Anyone who's used a heart rate monitor while exercising (and even some that haven't) will tell you that the higher your heart rate, the higher your caloric burn. Just be careful not to have a heart attack. Lord knows how many calories I've actually lost at the gym when my heart rate would hit 170 and stay there. I couldn't keep my heart rate monitor on there because my body would get so slick with sweat that the chest strap would slip no matter how tight I had it.

Well now that I've put that image in your minds, I'll step away for today. See you again next time. Most likely tomorrow. Oh, and yes, I'm totally aware I forgot to put up an Immortal Space this week. Editing is going well, and I do have the piece to put up, I just totally forgot to.


  1. Oof, I'm sorry to hear that the publisher isn't on top of things. Hopefully you'll hear some good news in the near future.

    Also, random fun fact: Walking downhill is more strenuous than walking uphill; therefore, it's better exercise.

  2. When I'm doing cardio I am always watching my heart rate. One time it got above 170. Got a little worried for a minute lol.

  3. You have tried contacting them for more info, right? Seems kind of unacceptable to keep you in the dark like this. Let's just hope they're fumbling with the final little details.

  4. ha. my eyes, my eyes....jk
    ugh on the book man, communication is huge for me...dont leave me hanging you know...

  5. That can be very frustrating. In the early days of our publishing company the reasons for delays were usually the final edit or cover or typesetting didn't get done in a timely fashion. We've since changed freelancers and have not had a problem since. It can be embarrassing always explaining delays to authors, when it's the same problems. I don't know who your publisher is but these are typical issues with smaller companies. The really big ones just do what they do and you wait on them. Here's hoping it all works out for the best in the end!


  6. Exercising does indeed sound like a good option.

  7. When I first saw "Still No Release," I thought it was an expose of blue balls.
    I really should get my mind out of the gutter.

  8. I can't really relate to the sweating issue. Except with leg day.

    God I hate leg day so much. Ugh. Feel disgusting during and then after.

  9. Can I ask which publisher you're using?

  10. keep up the exercise, it is good for your mood as well as your physical fitness.
    As for the publisher, sounds like they need a serious lesson in communication


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